Elephant in the Room of Your Friendship

Tuesday, May 31st


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Starring 841. They're basis of this segment of the Jeff invention though is a volunteer trump. And Chelsea Clinton really good friend and really good friends for many years there I certainly fare well rightly growing up in the spotlight. They both three pregnant at the exact same time. It died. Famous parents. They both worked their families companies they both married Jewish men a tight and and use. Speaking really tightly one Chelsea Clinton's things trumps praises pockets and things that Chelsea Clinton's praises. But certainly the presidential race now is the elephant in the room of their French right it's. Donald Trump is going to be running for Republicans in the and I'd very likely that Hillary Clinton will be running for the Democrats of course that means they have to attack each partner. Which means if you're really good friends and your parents he's beating up mine the F grandparent at each other right so what do what do you do in it becomes kind of like this. This elephant in the room in this is where you. Might have something in common ways of pocket from war Chelsea Clinton it's your friendship that. Your. But its role that. I have a friend who. Who's marriage ended under active cloudy circumstance the dramatic circumstances. May matter and that item the well. And I am acquainted week every single person in the equation. Equated the regional Koppel I'm equated with gentlemen ooh. Got involved with the original couple. And now. The the original couple is now two singles. And that woman and man are now a couple. In round all of them the other people network among. Oh. The whole situation. So I'm around you know person and a I just don't talk about. The BC team. Around me NC. Ages never. Ending no reason to address that some are still great friends acquaintances but there is an elephant in the room. I have went to tell you about. Here in just the second vet we have got land on the phone so let's get her Colin first. Yet. Oh my best friends in his grade. Like Trevor. Not I. And heard dad. Started eating while. Her dad was still Mary she's not mean they act an affair. They we never talked about it and you know we play about and we do it we don't really think what the reality it's our Friday. Send your friendships survived all of that. It is what we mean are you prepared she never my parent you know so. It doesn't really but it it ain't over Fisher. And how long ago did this happen. It's a tough one yeah you look at that. Our games. Conference's RMI. Letters I. Pat on the elephant in the room a lot different. Matches yeah. There's a lot of people out I pray and a. The growth and keep it for. Hands. Right. And when you broke up with it's. We community. All. The difference for. Right and it's like. Oh. If now. This. It's like. She. Works I don't ever come. Out there ethically. And. I have a feeling that I am that person in a lot of these relationships. Right now. Yeah I just don't bring a mop just pretend he doesn't exist to protect my not so friendly do you still talk good. I doubling on posters adjustments. For oak forest 74 feet. I. 540 or 74 line at 9400 user to have an amber for a foursome 4194 and it the question is this. I've got a really great relationship. Really awesome friendship. I just can't talk about why what's the elephant in the room of your friendship. It's darn 841.