Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity - May 31, 2016

Tuesday, May 31st


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Feel the sort of person who wins in Carnoustie like one day. Walked out hotter at forty dollars lighter in your pocket to show us the information is wedged in the Japanese yen job. On story now before. In one hour we're going to be talking to our chief engineer Scott traps. You think gee you know about him before last week he has never watch reality TV's entire life. And he is now our official bachelorette with war zone will be updating us and abuse she Tokyo and one hour here on the jet engine. Right now it's gratitude to eat fresh and for me is where we are weakening greatly aided by just changing her mind set to be grateful that we're gonna start with Leisle indicator lastly today you are grateful for. And. Love it and asked him now lastly thank you Leslie. The idea behind this is simply that comment cancer surgery in about a year ago it's been. When you obviously live lead each other and outs and minor at this morning said. They'd always search for the words today I'm grateful for. And the idea is that the that the positive energy outweighs the negative hands mine out today said it today I am grateful for. Long weekend with friends so I can recharge and relax take. Simple for a 47419400. If you wanna share yours publicly will take your call. Today I am grateful for has been grants because he was up. On the last night we have a three year old. Dealing with some insomnia so home morrow toddler is up all night and he he jumped on Matt. Grenade blast hanging he took care of it but he was up from one until about Fuller. Or she's not sick or anything she just wait separate water and decides waking up and Andy go for the day in the middle of the night and so. My husband saved our show today because he was the one who dealt with it last night so. Today I am really really really grateful for wider do you think it's because of the holiday weekend and we don't know what's gonna. We really don't. But like at 1 AM your target mileage out of bed let's play game away. Lied away Q yeah. Cage is putter and the dog run in the backyard and let wearing Carolina running out nothing worse so he's definitely it's middle of the night that he's gonna see who's gonna know that. Hey Janice in Marietta what's going on. I'm. Here in the right call. Indy. Well away blood part of that he's grateful for it is that how are you. Wedding what you're really saying yeah. I'm. Allowed the. What was yeah. Well always the highlight of your five days beat that. I'll let my body weight and wonder. Are people. Really I think a year omelet in all you're. Okay all right we're gonna stab asking that question and he's like it there safely comments. If that's fantastic. Thank you so much chance to appreciate the top. Date so. I'll we will keep the conversation going nine of FaceBook Ali can just leave a comment. Tell us what you're grateful for what makes you happy would make me feel good you're just in the car by yourself right now and he wants it out yourself change human and change and yet that we get the beginning of every week it's normally a Monday thing that we. Did today and Tuesday as today's maneuver for a whole lot of people which and a whole lot of people are thankful for hours earlier. Starring 841.