Mattie's Reaction to Brett

Thursday, May 26th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Jobs are. All I actually feel bad and I hardly ever feel bad. Matty called us up she's eighteen years old she's got a 22 year old boyfriend she's leading Atlanta to go to college on the West Coast. In the 22 year old boyfriend was supposed to come wit there. He was being noncommittal. And she wanted is to get answers. I'm totally making fun of this like sand which may gain loser viewed right. That's why you're plugin bunting and he is not motivated and everything else and then we have Brett on the he was sane you know apartment deposits on grow on trees and he's absolutely right so he he's in financially stressed out about it. But any he sounds like the piece to it to me was that he didn't sound. Super head over heels. But that can be dude protective. Like yeah he's got this girl that he's been made it's just the deeds well let's get Mattie Mattie. Let me give you a little insight into guys before we. Hear your pain but I think there's that chance that you like this super Smart. I attractive. Motivated. To get Guerrero vote getters girls right and you'd go out to California and going to college. And it everything's great. In its its probably difficult. From a guy's point of view for him to one so he has Reese spines. Might be a little more defensive needs and eight cents. Yeah I expect. I I I didn't allow that you. But there aren't a lot of it's been. A question. In the upper one being less and can't say. It was. Yeah it was quite iPods. But Joseph what Jeff is saying is he might be putting up walls and he might start to distance himself from you because he just doesn't think. He can. Financially make it work so instead of saying I can't financially make it work and Bruce's ego he's sabotaging their relationship. Which is sort of what you been feeling that he's pulling away. The federal thing accents and some breaking up with each asserts treaty at least of the you do. Yeah. Yeah I mean I've got it exactly. What you just let him could not being really present not really wanting to talk about it. What do you think of and I James thought that maybe it's time for you guys to go your separate ways I'm cherished. I don't think I'd. I'd be really hard and together Serb. Are a wild. He's comfortable here right he's comfortable in your life and through high school he's been your boyfriend he's been near constant. By year's starting a whole new chapter of your life. College is my favorite time of my life. All over again tomorrow violent and so. I you know I feel it big sister here and want to go and experience and embrace it for all it is and all can be and I think with a boyfriend back in Atlanta it can't be act. Figured just closing yourself off to experiences that you can have. And a freedom that you haven't experienced since before you were fifteen your soul. I'd is going to be a whole different. We have night epic that when you work out about it well back. He. I hate to see relationships. Hold people back right and I feel like. Maybe for both of you can be best. To their break announcer I'm sounding like your mother so you do we kind of. I'm laying down maybe you need on the island. And Juliet. Yeah I think I think I think probably for. It's hard to get into it that you love them. Well thank you for trial. Yet thank you thank you. Good luck with the congress is that happened next when not a part in. Listen to decide. I. Crushed ice so that. So she crashed after the first week of college she goes in the first two parties to. Thanks for being a part of it. Job sorry that people want us.