Where is This Relationship Going: Mattie and Brett

Thursday, May 26th


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Line where is this relationship going every woman has asked if only a few brave ones wanna ask it on the radio. We've gotten so many more emails on it that I ever thought that we would women who want to have that conversation with their man. But they're a little too afraid to approach it themselves and they want us to do that forum Matty has asked this question because she's about to leave for college. All and Matty welcome to the Japanese and Jeff. I don't bang bang me said. Lisa low on. I'm well. I think here college. I live in and out but I'm I'm going to college in LA. And it's. Think I'm really excited. Yeah I'm my weight and it's a pathetic and I let me. I would I would be talking about her life and he hit it and why it. He's not really. Giving me pain and make it happen. I'm getting the campus for the first year that he can't stay Whitney has really. Looking at places that say and he's an early about it. I'm. And then getting back into any any any bank I sit and wanna now I mean you know like what's going on for our I. Make it can't change change. OK one question for you what's his college prospects like is he just gonna give. Straight into work. I'm yet as you haven't yet little older than me he never he never college they don't work set up shop. Okay. So it would be able to pick up and get a job out in California with few if he really won this relationship torque. Yeah I mean I think easily enact all the things we talked about it you know he doesn't. He's not doing anything that he's like really excited about Atlanta oh. And how long have you guys been dating. We don't edit factory here. And is how old is he. I'm right that I hope. So. You know he was eighteen and you were fifty. Yeah. And I. Human thinking about pat and I just a little. And different Stratford house so. As you get older that age differences matter as much does it Jeff. Now. Not what your older if it does. So. On much like. Much like when you're an adult and as a matter that you're dating school principal it. Sell any hue to it Matty sorry to get up tracks so he is 22 now. And works in which he's a sub shop which. Today yeah. And you're going to college game where you're going to school. Lionel. And and it sounds as many syllables that that's a good school. Very good school in union at the risk of sounding. Two per year. Maybe you don't want to go away. Maybe. I'm you. I'm just I'm. Oh she's kind for advice she's kind of right to ask Brett where is this relationship going so. Have you guy so every and you bring up the move he just doesn't wanna talk about it have you asked him directly yet where this relationship is going. I don't intent. Well I'm glad that you're willing to let us do it. Or act like. I didn't that they let me point that I can. Like I talked about it irony. Right so if we call him rate rate now I mean it's still early so it's not use and is bite me in deliveries. Will be right now. I. I'd see you hang on and then welcome back. We Chambliss and act you do that you didn't listen and it will cost them. And and out what's his name. Brett it's just getting jealous. And so are not before one.