Class of 2016's Depressing Songs

Thursday, May 26th


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It's just getting shells are. Sons are not before one. The class of 2006 the and we just played some some great songs that people remember from their graduation year you know. I'm in fear. Hopefully I'd ask him to 2011. And we'll fer me. Well Lisa low. He you know. Coolio. Seem C music factory huh. Hussein's return of the Mac Maria. I'm mark Larson mark Morrison. There's in the past decade that kidnapped two decades great songs. Most of pretend it's the year 20/20 six tank Purdue radio OSHA. And let's reminisce back to the air 2016. And some of those on the guy you know popped for your graduation. And that's. Me. Out sounds and is alone and being in what they just some films. So. Time. There's going to be another classic 2016 song it's fun. Ain't no party let the 26 date party what do you think Steve body don't stop. Business like them. Was accused actress. There's got to be really fun and how. I'll tell you what once I throw this cap in the air I'm gonna jump ended daddy's convertible it we're gonna spend the night. We. Still. No nothing says summer time odd AB port at age not pop. He. Okay. My. Yeah. We're. And trying to say is a 2016. Guard used when he fifties. No real sorry closet and he's sixty he's been so sorry about that the justice and shells. On czar not before one.