Throwback Thursday Graduation Songs

Thursday, May 26th


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Jesse James Giles. Ansari not before one. Schools wrapping up high school graduation and going down memory lane. What year everybody graduated what songs we remember from that here this is our version of back Thursday and he Lindsay and Atlanta what you're did you graduate. There are orange and what was your song. That racquet right or wrong. I loved all of her hit. Vitamin CI and I have I have her best of its single. What year did you graduate David I graduated in 2008. And what did you graduate and five. Hi is a couple sons and through and for 95. He had not yet. Number two and number three songs on tonight we'll definitely end a streak. Hi Yassir throughout oh cool we know. Yeah hit it harder for its okay. Born yet. Plus plus hi David songs. These guys have worth noting that it's worth noting that these are not your. Graduation songs he's just the sound you remember from the summer and now in Vietnam and I'd. And there's a gentleman presenting the class of 2008. Especially conservative Christian school the Catholic. I only had. Aron incoming. The worst song of all time. I now I graduated in 99. And what was your son. It wouldn't that sun screen. Wrong gentlemen. A clash of 97. Where. Some screen. If I could offer you the one tip for the future. Sun screen would be it company and a long term benefits of sunscreen has been proved by scientists. Or is the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable. Than my own meandering experience. So this is going to be got a calendar is loaded after after that party until it starts cost awful. Let's see here commando welcome to the show. I get more slowly you did you graduate. Graduate in 1988. And what's on your member of 1998. But that's why early on Saturday and watched. Really is a great time. It's perfect for graduation. And. The thought that this year's you've hit exactly. How we asked that a couple of our interns to estimate classes are 2011. Just to make it still holds. Yeah he left. Didn't end in that we. It out. Man. I graduated in nineteen and one of the yeah yeah. Evacuated twenty years before him. Hey maybe you could shut out the if you wanna see you back. What you did you go to every now. ID seven. My mother. Music just can put you back in time I had immediately. You're too grates on some. And then our Donna did you say getting the most out of yes he's got a good and in 2000 men and seven. Again. Woods again. These aren't the songs your graduation sounds. He's assigned to you just remember from that time in your life. High school graduation in and out bartenders that has. I'm Nevada. Can. Jesse James job it's. On czar not before one.