Listeners Weigh In on Changing in Front of Your GBF

Wednesday, May 25th


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Are making this glitch. It's just show shall certainly aren't. Our listener cam wants to know if her husband is acting appropriately he's weird and out that she changes clothes. In front of one of her gay male friends. In hubby got laid it. Arnie got an opinion on this they are rate things are on the show have. Holy hell eat diet. Yeah I coloring my head I know our guys coming branded the tag. I think he had milk or act that they're thinking this is monogamy and I'm kind of like he anchored you're not and then they know. I had pulled out of the pool and land a pilot Dayton how. They make it you. Let me having made on the clock hit pit stop at day. Or even me out more than the best friend got me that debt and I think that suddenly confident I'm actually. When you're dealing with that guy I had a minor and that he is going to happen is you'd get from the fact that it is another guy. My fear part about that call is that you had a massage therapist is a frank I couldn't really think of a better to have the that is good friends. Massage therapists and speed dial page Jody Griffin how you go on. Learned that carry out what he thinks big and Abigail. I mean I thought after I get lung and lady bear hug banner out noted that. They are gay and they're not looking grainy things that he orders. I don't think that it should be a big problem. Right because it doesn't it it doesn't do anything he's got a changes hasn't changed just thinking about right because it's it's not like there's there's nothing. Analysts say appealing this the wrong word but there's no he's not looking hale attraction and attraction again and again as I'm looking at it but. I'd. It I wouldn't put it past the deed you know protections. What do you mean potentially gain in order to get those 20 for rights no way she knows him this is her friend there there's a rom com documentary. Kate Hudson and a half decades then that. But yeah it just sounds like her husband's got teams they that he sees guys in general maybe you just need to spend more time with her front. Does he did say it's a new friend actually is dealing with this. Very recently had actually. What was the fight with the boyfriend about. I actually had a rookie unique. And I did they had thought I gave it how it is old school. Actually broke up there and we've been there are eyes ears. And our moment this happened was this recent. Yeah without an elite. Yeah and we can't yeah I am not in your knee. I think about my friend I think I. Here lately and it your boyfriend did not wrap this around. I. And what my friend. As well is it not. Now. Sorry. And general and a of the things that such and it's a two week thing to say yeah sorry. Good luck whether it. Many. Yeah that seems like a complete overreaction from the boyfriend it's been five years he's known them both like from a guy's point of view there's probably some other stuff. He's just looking for an excuse for the trigger yeah him saying he's out of work right now and an hour they just. She now.