Should You Change in Front of Your GBF?

Wednesday, May 25th


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Generally people leave the advice and their relationship. They go to therapy. Today watch old episodes of Oprah or doctor felt nothing and they called the jets can change that needs people with real degrees. Feet you've got a couple of DJ. Hey cam what can we settle in your marriage. Okay I'm Andy friend named Eric we met at the ink that they did that make cream relay. So. And he happen any day yet. And we can't open it and after that and I'm Mary. And I have got all all the Alba gonna say it not happen technique that they racked not but we're excited I don't want to go really really nice. And our little brat and my hair and everything and company hopman director on. He didn't look that means. My time that moved beautiful or. Not and I don't think I and that the but ankle and I went and did it repeated my hair and the like and it went. And I have never and I know they did come out like really bad don't. And I have let parent and I had done and my own personal not aware of the out of the active in the yeah I. Like and it kept changing and he pelican near Atlantic. When he me. Well me out I probably hit it out of proportion and a bit why pink eye and I said. He didn't cave like he that he doesn't want any lady part. You know you could mean anyway. It would be like in front of Tony your girlfriends or something. Saying elect Obama that pay like you know. Oh on a crap you know in my. Normal and I know like. Is that we Eric is he you know adapt but I didn't mean Fella and that navigate an art you know what it and by them. Well I think are modest in general so it sounds like your husband would probably be more modest. Than you are anyway yeah. Kids I know with it with any friends. Straight or gay or you know whatever. Changing in front of other people can be sending an uncomfortable it appear it regardless of their sexuality but I think that. Obviously you're not modest. Not all. Yeah I think I'm a big deal to year. Tim mean I think it's terrific opportunity was missed by your husband who could have tracked down. Half a dozen of the hottest lesbians that he thought. And long. It around right he said hey you know edited problem at this deal were dogged changed but it each other. So did you ask what was it about it that made him so uncomfortable with just because. Eric that I. Am glad that people laugh but you may need an area that we know kind of strange to me. And I don't mean aim at curtain. And that I need to do now that comfortable that it. Jet and he adds that. Lesbian. And an end and again and I'm counting all of that respect and the I I honestly when 1 that I am not that I did happen Allah that. Make it all the time. I also and well I. I you know I mean. So was I guilty and also do you feel like you have to tell Eric. That your husband was really uncomfortable it. Hi you know I don't want to get in part I really don't think. You know hair but I don't economy has been uncomfortable I actually expect anfield. Although I don't think the big deal. I do what I. And my guess is if we were able to tried to deal coal. Right on the web site my guess is this is gonna be split straight down gender lines. Is do you have a problem with a ten yeah I wouldn't have a problem with the marine idea of Rama that. Well you don't see you there. So if Jesse was changing in front of whatever restaurant that was gay when bother you about me would about a year of your fiance count this change in front of a gay friend first. I don't think zone but maybe. I think you might as Ambien totally honest I think you do make that a mine and I'm the only way to get the blame there is. I got yeah. I think I think but maybe I'm wrong I would be upset if your fiance was changing clothes in front of other women. Now. It's just because the Nancy you really sort of agree with her husband I'd maybe but then now I'm trying to think of light. We had Cali and I have gay friends Mary good gave friends and hands. I get Madden dam I don't think it would bother me but it was against stranger and now let's say it. I'm gonna go to U of I. That male eyes on her body is what's driving you crazy about it yet another not interested in her body whatsoever. But here's the thing if it's a it I know what it is I can answer it and it's a gay dude that I know I got no problem. A candidate to engage you that I don't now I wouldn't put it past due to pretend to be game in order to Cebu bees. So that would weird me out is that guys just they connect Allah these just may get to watch her hair he difference to us now that they just. She now.