Producer Donna's Online Dating Profile Update

Tuesday, May 24th


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One. Jessie. Online dating profile here in just a second we didn't think she was going to be with us this morning. Is she was in a horrific fiery car crash. Just a couple of hours ago varieties arrives. Mean Q I had insurance. So somebody whose texting and driving and decided. That I had to do it after you glad you're okay. You that I just a little. Not a fiery if she's out she's speaking very measured counts she's not happy with the person there. Now that I hope you're listening being very calm. I saw what happened you were at a staff saying they where is that saying they decided not to open it or did they. How do you fix coffee like Larry okay you. And then like I get that were not allowed this illegal attacks and drive but I understand that but it's also a legal for you to have your three Pomeranian is on your lap times go. Panetta put on your lip gloss stick stuff and it's also illegal for you let's. Gloss is fine I saw a woman eating a bowl of cereal while trying to hang literally without okay. With milk and it NS don't now talk literally I tasking Brett. Seriously going coming neighborhood streets like this of ram Iqbal from her kitchen. She's married to number one it's dangerous and number two that's gonna get so disgusting these soggy how was an enjoyable at any sense of the word I think about the bullet and the day efforts and rotting in her car. Is that where especially his high. This male move. So we're. Helping Donna wave if she's okay she survived with her online dating profile she is decided to venture into the world of online dating. She presented to us yesterday three profiles that she wrote. Jana and I both decided that couldn't. Yeah I was very boring. Well we just thought that he needed JG. What is that word. I just learned from a friend of mine who works for a lot of things to start using it it'll it'll little bit and talk and places new life. And fusion. The puck well. It's something. It's injured manatees. No cook book. And now on September about. We usually Asians might face yeah. Go to you know. Doctor NG. New thanks so I'm. It. Dot dating. My eyes so. Jamie be written and ahead for her. He had a bad idea yes I have black because I think ten Donna needs to be a little more alert. Tennis online dating seeming to turn the flirt on an ankle other it's. My mom. Well I any damage it helps you that McCain. I'm good at texting it in flat tax for you once we get one of these. Fine young men on the on the hook it and subject right now and just how this trip I mean it again if you tell that story on. As Shuster and forget that okay. So clarity Ghana and I'm trying to keep it short and sweet we know guys are gonna read a novel and painting online profile so I got flirted on. Here it is hi my name is Donna there's work and there's claiming Atlanta worked on its ambitious willing to dig in and Smart. Miami played on loves music and dancing like to work hard and play harder. I'd like to see if he can keep up with me we'll. I say. But he thinks it's a flirting enough. So wore. A warranty you. Act hey here's. Here's mine OK okay. It just needs to be that it needs to it needs it. Kick him where it hurts that what you need to read it and walk away from and right hands and I noticed as I've never done online. Dancing. And content of ten minutes. I was. I am going to start this is Donna's personal enemy I'm gonna start off by telling you that probably won't like. Clock. Like this because you walking and very little swagger and you're saying that this is viewed your view of biting of that. I'm gonna start off by telling you that probably won't like you it's gonna be a special guy that impresses me in Europe probably not it loser. Okay that's attention getting but that's gonna get people's. Insult that is so mean it's getting their attention. But it Europe for a challenge. Keep reading. My standards are high. I will always like my dog Mort and I like you. I write music you've never heard of and when you hearing you'll pretend like it because they get don't get me. To get you closer to see me naked but that's not gonna happen for a long time. We'll. I like to call myself a feminist and an independent woman. But you better hold that door for me give me your jacket when it's chilly arrival kill. I love to debate important social issues but will totally overreacted maybe even cry if we don't agree because my way is always the right way. I pet peeves and I'll never tell you what they are yet to discover them for yourself when I have a meltdown because you did the wrong thing. I want you to be totally comfortable around my friends you don't even think about getting closer to one of them and they are to me female or man that is metal out. They're my friends separate circles. And if you're not interested in putting a ring on it next eighteen months move along. Also I love spicy food travel and rom com's get me out if this sounds good idea. Which when he thinks Brooklyn man. Yeah like a mad father like I don't you guys today my daughter. I I guarantee you that if you put out Jane's young Jewish fans. And you put this out more guys are gonna look at that go whoa. I contain he's crazy yes. You crazy. Guys like honest and that's honest I have pet peeves that you have never heard that I could it be awards. If all right come I don't know and. They like sweater and tag. Yeah right swagger I've we've heard five so far mine is the only one with swagger. So how about it like I treat you profiles. I used Jan and I use yours and yes everyone is the most light. Then. Excellent perfect night to pick your pictures to you yes you big picture from mine as well attacked her all right. Mission accepted. 010 my god Jessie.