Worst First Impression 2

Tuesday, May 24th


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One. Jessie. OK so the first time I met guy I literally art and it demands area of the bar. And I relapse in the me while he's in you're not doing like guys you let that your not only in news is we he helped. Clean. We he got some water seek out different for me. And he's. Consult a tax that a bid from bank well what I thought it's pretty slick. Those are you encounter earth is you bar saying in the men's room of a bar. Okay I'm in the men's or that he was at. Actually you know sing. Well I thought OK let's see I'm gonna go where they've been married for five years have want to. I'm going to say that you guys never really dated. You may have gone out once and when he realized you largest debate left party unity. Are you ready for the entire us. Ten years and still doubting we'd get celebrated I think letting it occurred three and we have it here. That's how upset as a great story there about eight dollars or all the time now the question is do you ever go back to that bar and celebrate anniversaries or do you block that out of your mind. You know we do every now and our life is really changed since then have not number. Gotta have to work on that story before you have to tell your daughter about it right something that you put it off and. Hey Britney have one of these worst first impressions animal guess if you guys are still together how long it lasted. OK so I'd just live good different city I just got back that the I had really been there at all. And I am at that gas station and buying something and I hear someone behind me Kyra I guess you know loan. I guess he did today and I quickly walked out Lennar on the find out that the guy actually lived in my neighbor heard. And if they must stand. OK so would the moans sound like. It it doesn't make you right away. These things turn around a series happening you just all around moaning. I feel I get out of there and I like seventeen might have about 48 he invites. You know. I think you guys ended up dating for like two years. Yeah I'm. Again you met him later and figured out why he was moaning. And it wasn't as creepy as you are so ho ho you did for six months. And they already anyway. We're actually going on for years and I'm in Philly has one and a half girls thought it. And gradually these guys are and why why don't look back. I don't know something about a third Smart lady lady and it it man. And now. Even make. Aware what have thanks for the company to pay Heather let's don't mind. Right. Okay. I went good friend bonfire. Like a bomb packet out look at you people I don't really know anybody there can. And I am not an anchor I had maybe like half a logical Taliban are probably very Alley. I look at like lime cooler and the guy a guy like there hasn't been here like I'm county like him gone gone back on. And then when I was kinda like other beat him out there on a coming Gary yet at me like. During the preparation and all of my play. Like what I went black victim a hamburger like they may not play here that we want to make your mind you want you. Well yeah other than in making your. He's just and pure waste material is what he's doing that I don't know and then even like out terribly tired and mentally. And then likely that I would all I'd like her name and like I get he wanted to when he was like hey what do you mean record I'm. Not. Leaping back. Kirk I hear hatred in your voice so I'm going to say that he ended up asking about you to even say yes. I'm gonna go wit you guys got married but then a year later he got divorced diseases jerk. OK. Okay. I'd what do you work together for five years later Mary territory we aren't aboard now that it would circumstantial he nodded yeah are you actually did that I've ever meant an over backward question groundout locked on and we still every day. That's crazy. I know I want to follow. I wanna ask a follow up in. What's that what's that 102 version of why you guys went and aren't together arm it anymore he's so awesome. I take care my mommy and you wanna kid I didn't want it if you want to go on that lot we are still married he ended up getting girl and Jimmy pregnant and I'm at a guy Elliott and got a little while I was pregnant and we had to get the court because they're expecting it. Law. Can you hold on. Okay were gonna talk more her later that whole fascinating. C neatly saying I am in LA and David you're gonna wanna get Heather Heather phone number she's she's got a she's gonna get on the schedule to hold different kind of Brady Bunch hey I sandy could be the last call he got. Okay well. Initially we met online through in the grant. Hand they're excited to meet and burst yeah so Matt perhaps our gorgeous day out. Down at a table. Now he smile and how it's our youth movement. He had seen it in at least you know the other he or some sort of green vegetables. I'm the entire time that we were trying to talk. Well I would I thought he was just in Iraq means. I was talking about my parents it was sort of like a parent a comic get a word in edgewise by and the date but how are saying that I need battle. Okay my guess is that. He got a statistics and you guys Nauman married. For five years Yamon is a UN got together and you still together her well. Yet regarding aids and expect her or. Facing and how does that suit is that you thought better does that don't know where I want it wasn't that he. Urban combat when you fix the dude and man like just turns around and thanks. You want. See Jesse.