Worst First Impression 1

Tuesday, May 24th


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And Jen Shia holy ghost. The bachelorette last night based on first and impressions that they had made a good person rationing rose and move forward and the whole thing. I guy episode and thinking about this guy forget his name but this is the first impression that he made waves chip though. Danny and well when they call. And tonight you feel like you're getting stressed I give you permission to squeeze my. Eric Berry that's the first impression that in. That's the first impression. About this young guys just don't have much to say at all I don't know moss plus. No idea I don't know. Coming on the show to marry you and I've done no research and you. Not person crashed terrible first impressions of the idea is this you tell this year story. And don't tell us if you're still together or how long relationship lasts and you just tell us about the first impression in and Jen and I will take you gas. On how long relationship lasted or if you're still together we'll start with Jessica and Carter's little. Welcome to the jet engine. And a dad let's hear about the first impression. Hi we met at the beach. He thought I would make me want to act and I he of the. OK I can we have some kind tax. As to why you each thought that. Am I on the bike and from having my outlook for me. Anyway today I'm letting you went to the beach. And how are you acting. I guess I was speaking slowly. And time. Compared to compared to my normal Saturday night and soon. OK inane. You thought he was and he was about the plate I wrap. Up. So he would shave his head. And apparently he's not that many this accident that they're pretty that's pretty bold leap. From all the guidance inhabit. It and it needs. OK I think that. You guys dated full. Our. I gear and a half the genocidal and I am going to say that you started dating shortly after that and you are still together this staying here about to celebrate. You're fifth anniversary of wedded bliss. I think that I tell you. Yeah what's the answer. Oh we got married actors and deployment and we've been married for how. I'm not. Congratulations. To them big recovery. Embers impression Ashley and Grayson tell us about the first impression in the wall gas how long ya we're together. OK so we were at a party and I was in the bathroom with my friend out holding her hair while she threw up. He opened the bathroom door and saw her firming up and sympathy threw up. In my bag so. I turned around and deck in in the face. Eight bet as seeing out of road a terrible. This set. Yes road trip seven. My guys all day I am going we have. You guys have been married for seven years we have ticket I am gonna say UN and three eights. We've been together four or six here's now we are getting married in August and we have one get. And communities. Are just very actually just got a curiosity ask and what you. Do you win someone throws up on your back and if you teach your shirt off in the restroom and watch it that way it. I ain't. They don't believe half like an applicant undershirt on and it didn't go through tank. Edward when not sure and sell and made him by Amy and it would of course. It. I did I am because they felt bad for decking him in the face it I'm breakfast the next morning cells to look. Now. You think did a question did it. This is gross but did did any of it Ryan down like your pants and. Thankfully no. He had to have bought these mortgages shirt that. Down and then. I think you that's awesome I bet in Jonesboro woody gap. Okay well. Well I met online in Asia for our first day where and a tablet happen. Check full answer op them planned share what they're. Really cold western pearl button. He can bring you liked that credit can actually. Yeah if they act. He had bet that cool. Cut turned out he'd been in any act right prior to magnate. At it'll actually. Is that. With you 100% serious or was that a joke. Now under perform and then. Cowboy hats and Fanny pack. Do they recover. I ever recover from that after I go out with them again I think it was one and done I was one date and done. We've mentioned I think I'm going and none. They've been dating for a year. Any patch and think of the Fanny pack. Maybe she's Flutie with the answered at. Let out that I wind direction. If you can't get myself together and they get out. What level or not my ally that the island. Is how this. Year's. Sydney. You know there are side door you can hardly got out got your purse it happens all time. Yeah at this you know what I that day and a good sport and the lady. But yeah now when he was frequently meet with us here Caleb lecture and hunting and you can live there isn't a true you'd find any given it. Oh. Yeah. Simulate. Yeah yeah. Oh I don't even know really if Clinton does give even top that. He did so fun and Toro 47419400. Let's that let's try to tap it. For a foursome four point 8400 more calls on the terrible first impression. Jessie.