Producer Donna's Online Dating Profiles

Monday, May 23rd


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It's. Jesse James shelves are ladies are all tied the moment of truth for our producer Donna she's been working hard. I'm her I'm lying dating profiles with the help of lots of Japanese and your listeners you have to give us three we will pick one that she is. And we're on FaceBook live if you wanna join us and add your comments because we can take your votes to. What he had that lets your profile number one. So for the first time an alien and made it I enjoy Iraq an out to K true product if you don't know who that is you should pass. I'm a professional concert go are my favorite drink is secure a son as I enjoy thrifty and rescuing animals. Lastly I like to race my car. Okay I don't know who that is that we could date. If you're gonna. Tune rescuing animals. My age and yes. Sixty plus crowd 58. At some older gentleman. I have a cat that option number one let's hear option number two. OK so the option number 2 is I am a professional. Carnival queen. And usually the life of the party I enjoy eating rice and beans I celebrate my in my birthday the entire month. Kate or not is my favorite artists I have a collection of ten or more Eric carnival costumes. And my dream right now on this moment is to participate in Brazil carnival. If you don't know is so good music news. You should pass. Eighth. I like the process of elimination it's drying out there. She's our hits and shady you and doesn't even that another read and I don't love number two is because it really. Mary did I mean it's really driving the car. And that's really manipulate I was at Salem Nick Price and means. As well. As though and if you comedy that I heard from Monmouth. Bring everybody do that attention in Dayton so commuted clarified that. Okay sorry. Thought hey they're 123 option this there. Option if I'm a proud picks since there I don't watch TV that much I enjoy reading books and spending time with my fur baby family's very important. I moved from Miami. And I enjoy speck writing and I also play the violin and do you really I didn't Smart. That instant warning we have for every the first when he does the boring pars and no I've. I just highlight the reading but kids like it karma all persons and the reading books person. And the fur like the first baby got a seat on the path. You gotta say the affirmative Easter dot magnesium and went and to be like she got fifteen cats and half you know look at school ticket schools three special. I don't know we knew we re the president again warmer time and advertisements insofar that cat I am definitely you know it made. I injure Iraq Iran to Kate cannot say if you don't know who that is he should past. Professional concert Goer my favorite drink is tequila sunrise I Angel and drifting and risking animals lastly I'd like to read my car. I have a fast car. And I have you have whoever you are college. I can we write once noon yeah I think again I think it can take these and rewrite it and pitch it back to her yeah I think I will make youth and so you know. And I'd beginning not knowing who you always. Combination of the 21130. Yeah and like little old Jewish yeah that's one of my favorite Asian Asian element of pictures. In some in the pro. And don't don't worry about our animation good pictures. That you know I'll be able to go out it is pictures and analog agreed that they go one. Whore. There can't be real pitchers this girl reads books and reasons for rabies they just. She now.