Worst Online Dating Profiles Ever

Monday, May 23rd


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Guys are making this wedge and just show shall start page program. Producer Don is diving into the world of online dating. Despite all the warnings we got from listeners last week you said Donna. I'm doing well we had one girl who had attacked her and her husband got catfish. So she was a little salty and the whole thing we did get had a lot of good advice. Yeah I have some problem is that so it venture and of course. And your bio you want to eat lunch tell them what you're looking far. Give a little bit but not too much I'll leave a little bit of mystery cleared. Know now why Iowa we're gonna do is down has created some profiles. And she's gonna share them way that's and then we'll try to decide which one. She can use so 4047419. U 400 you can help you have a saying that if you consider yourself. An online dating. But the thing is he's burial you know you wanna show. What your life is about you or any secret especially online dating you know and to a different but it's fun and exciting you just can't keep her real. Profile picture Franklin should be great yeah. At least one body shots that sort of the point. I'm Anna and that unlikely it. 4047419400. If you wanted to help Madonna decide whites profile. She's gonna use you wrote three forced to choose from I now are these easy freedom writer were they difficult. They were difficult we can live a different life outside of. Then they're kind of difficult so you are we worried about us being on this outside of life life. Yes and now I've never I don't really get to see work Donna threat. Now find out. And it's cruise I've been a good who do you wanna date view when a date does work Donna what it needs somebody does find out on it. On it. But look like a combination might hit fifth probably like I'm gonna call you back and then when I get Yahoo! like hey. How are you those. Ireland Catholics split person east okay thanks for. Before you get into. Yours. I you just did a quick Google search for I Google search the worst dating profiles ever. And there were a lot. Well late to call out other people for doing terrible online dating stuff. Someone to share some of these with you. And a you know this guy's name but he says they local people he's a natural weather for an attack. Richard where they're trying to so this is a guy who's totally serious. I think he's and he's now. Let's drop dead gorgeous but he's not an attractive. And he posts. Is that OK cupid used OK cupid didn't use should message meet it. One you know that fluoride is a really toxic industrial waste too you know NutraSweet in MST or suspected nerve toxins. Three he can you are not sheep. You and honestly Parker and out of the jam a person. Out of the gym offers for it you know at chem trails are. Five you know that 9/11 was staged by their own government. Oh sounds fun. He knows sounds creepy braid outs dear CNET here as a case that's the first five then he goes the most private thing I'm willing to admit. 1 I am a bird. So that's an area. Oh yeah and then he says update November 7 mad anymore sorry ladies and back I was voted one of the worst of and he wants it's bad now all of this conspiracies. This guy I think was trying to be funny this guys from Boston Massachusetts thirty years old. A straight now looking for a straight female with similar age his self summer. I'm a fun loving guy in a self starter who is absolutely no interest in committing murder. And looking. And looking for love companionship. Gorgeous that 1 and that lovely evening. And rest assured that 1 lovely evening you'll absolutely interview back in turn has safe and sound he's a serial killer. Let me take you into my magical world of not murdering anyone ever for any reason. Next question what I'm doing with my life a player at this rate up front certainly not murdering anyone least of all you beyond that mostly dating. This is Jeffrey Donna crap yes I apparently his cousin I think he was trying to be funny. Yeah and the worst of all time the is a one. 25 years old theme now from Los Angeles, California. Her screen name Aaron Carter fan. She created this profile just to see if she created the worst profile while time. If somebody would respond to okay lose it here's some of the stuff that you. Myself summer I am I got us an idea me. If you can't handle me in my words you don't deserve me in my best I'm Aaron Carter's biggest fan and if he can handle economic base yellow. What I do and in my life. Party saying Allah while my parents think I'm in Los schools they pay all my bills Al MAO it's awesome I reflect. The six things I can ever do without money my car my phone keeping America American my family my friends Aaron car. I spent a lot of time thinking about designing a line of dog clues from matching iPhone cases so acute heart are. So she made this on purpose yes he knows this is the worst dating profile ever heard challengers and at worst dating profile ever I typical Friday night. I am not that not in the cups at a homeless people's hands it's so funny to watch and scramble to put it all. Hopeful he'd be paying for think that the most private thing I'm going to admit. Commence my accent was pregnant and he still pavement child support aloe. And somebody responds her worst dating profile at our last one you should message me if you are rich. Aaron Carter fan received 500 messages by the time the new class included because she's very. No I am like yeah. It's a little page as a player they yell I have set the bar for you on that. Read those let's come right back after 21 pilots we will listen to your three profile attempts. We'll take one of forty we'll do next right here and the jets and changed star 94 please just. She now.