Producer Donna Gets Dating Profile Advice

Friday, May 20th


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I love the choices in the morning and he tells us we appreciate that. Starting 941 at least they're representing the peach tree city. As a pro at this is her and her husband and madam line. Good morning. So. Are you are residents are celebrating our five year anniversary today and we met online happy anniversary stink you don't the biggest thing is he's burial you know you want to show. What are your life is about you or any secret especially online dating you know. And you're a veteran but it's fun and exciting just can't keep her health. Paying Whitley welcome to the channel. Hank. You can. You're talking to Donna go ahead. Yet not. Why can't they can't profile. You want and smiled that he mini LP is. You wanna have some type book is that Charlotte and sure of course. In nearby Atlantic flights tell them what you're looking far. And it. Let me as far is. Goals given the goals get a little bit but actually much I'll leave a little bit of mystery cleared. But it. Pretty much platform that that works for me. We had one guy we had one guy Colin and in eight years since hung up at his comet. Wise don't write too much because guys won't read it now I know. Out yeah. It has got a quick post a few tweaks here and you're dead yet bullet point. Came Melissa which Jeffrey Donna. Yeah. Can't let that. Hey you're on Madonna giving your tips. I I let homelessness. K now it's your time you're tempted Melissa. Public plan outlined it will actually I would suggest you using release shall treat pain. For example I'm as well and very sensitive stuff you know you were wrong and saying that I got out there looking backward on the week you can defend well the answer. That sort of thing to keep their attention. And so shorting cute radio producer by day. And Josh did that. Every now and then what does it figured what Canadiens in your dad yeah we danced to soco music. Film to emblem on it and activists have them. Stephanie in tennis now. Yes all you put on your profile is soco it back to act. We'll see now that's good at a diplomatic. Editor at. It's that big tennis IE give me last comedy got. So profile picture effect when you believe that yeah yeah. At least one body shot. I'd like back anything about the Michael Jack again profile Uggla there's a separate section about you like the like topic being an addict. Actually the point I'm and I have been on I have been a. Law so there is hope I won't be a cat lady she's not gonna be a cat lady. Do you have facts and don't have a dog so years singled out you ladies right now yeah so dog ladies so convinced we've dad's. Michael Jackson okay if she assured streak was broken up. And make sure you put in a body shot because that looked to look at the pictures and I'll sway in addition. A swipe left swept swept up to us what a. Yeah is that your eight. They just attention and we're gonna give her some homered over the weekend nights and read of this press files we'll see how they turn out gay ass okay yeah we'll check back it was. On Monday that writing us. Generating your profile that has. It's darn 841.