Producer Donna Needs to Know What to Put on Her Dating Profile

Friday, May 20th


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Shall start 841. If you are a professionals. I'm lying if Nader you would consider yourself an expert. And finding a love on the Internet it's 404. 7419400. Our producer Donna. Need your help she is decidedly different though. In the water of online dating. Look at for a Maine and lit up for the yet. What ward. What you that timeline that what's your what your goal this is just assume it's out there are you do in the I will I will have a boyfriend by summer which you're too which are planned this. I don't have a time line and have I don't think that he can put a time. I just want to doesn't mess lake something rule the one that understands me. And we just filled. Okay 4047419400. We talked last week about some of the red flags. That you would find in other people's profiles. Icky bad teeth in between eight and a light eaten most likely employ. If that I fall in the spot up picture you've obviously in jail anybody that unit for about a lot of our pictured at a of the lot. Simply about I'm on record single. That a lot with her life. I'm one trial Monday in years yeah. Connecticut apart and you like to call me about it he's so cute into the political life. Q five minutes before he called me in that do not magnetic from online at my pictures he hit one good. So it doesn't add certain warning says they can learn warnings of other people's profiles were looking for our online dating experts rate now. To give down some guidance in what she should. Court and her profile. Yes but my friends of online did you find this be a daunting process which pictures of yourself do you choose. What should be in those pictures. You know how much Sheila edit them into filters on them or how much should they be for real. And what you write in your profile what are the thing and where do you even begin in one paragraph to describe yourself. I think with me what I've done late. And then like three drafts are excellent and high school writing something about myself. Like but I think you should put like the quirky things about shoot the things that make you different like me I'm a big Michael Jackson they. So I feel like I met someone there I hate projects we can meet again if you've never met anyone like that there's no need them yet. Or like I don't know if they don't like Michael Jackson that they don't have anyplace and life. Could do that I had Bethany a year and online dating professional of some sort. Well my don't opening in the Stephanie Saturday. If anybody our High Court might have been there and yeah so cabbage. And having been lining. You can't say here why I'm here oh yeah there have been married. With a kid cool it was the record. So Don they should be honest in her profile as well and yet by everybody you are. You know that Sony Ericsson slowly and I take it a 100%. After it that you did not meet him on the inner. Although. And it's got no use of online dating him. Not gonna get profiled it from her. Jason and printed it predated online. I actually have double it and I so if you're looking at a woman's profile what do you definitely wanna CNN. I wanna be patient that her going out places you now. Like iron plate you gains or whichever friend you know this stuff like that you receive pet then there and it hit like. Family friendly you know good vibes from. So not a question for him guards. So when you're online dating are you looking for a full body shot to yes yes. Not necessarily you know. And the and it does trying to help a little bit it's not required. Because I have a friend who did mostly pictures of her face as she wasn't really thinking she didn't really know what she's doing chair and she got that advice I'm from I think somebody's interacting with terrorists like you should put picture of your whole. Bodies so that people don't think you're trying to like I've edited. Check them cook who wants to picturing your ball. He's prepared for your ball on the war. That's pretty easily have an effect on sort of creepy but on the drawn out race wouldn't if you want to have six estimate at. Anyone you know you wanna show them your whole self. Because you wanna see them there. You know pulled right picture I made an oil thing when I think yeah. A means. He's my favorite horror and did crude for Algiers. Starting tomorrow commercials 741 and 94. On nine yeah Edwards about Diana Julian without. You may your boyfriend and line so you're. Well why aren't your profile that's nagged him. Well I being what temple what you. Now see the Arctic. I think the picture or. Or. Aren't it would you like it do you like to be out I. Got checked. But it'll LR EID. Where about it I thought that you. So did you go take specific pictures for online dating I go out one day with a camera to the park and take a bunch of shots or should Donna. Find ones that she RD hats. Outlet that Gary let me an. Hour is CE. I'll be. I am OK and so with a profile note that writing keep it short and sweet. I believe there. They like you like I first impressions are. I'd just like to look at the pictures. When I had Justin and concrete are. Now starring 841.