Tracey's Reaction to What Eric Said

Thursday, May 19th


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One. Jesse James shall. We just finished up its area who says Tracy is the one and take it listening in hate Tracy he nuisance this. Current. So happy. Are you beaming I. All of a good second moon pardon me for an. Call. That's. He's not great he's wonderful he's not a morning or yeah. I'm glad we got we totally got. So that it has got anyway. He rainy the you know he might even I couldn't buy. I mean and I'm very happy right and it might keep adore him. I hit it it or leave when we knew initially asked him villain like pregnant high. On pot. Quite a few spots as he delivered to go. He said he years the Y. I am and you know he. I don't hear you coming out now. That has stereo and that's so weird to me that. Let now legends walk me through that strays he's an hour you gotta pick up the phone and call him MB like. We now we you know what I wanted to. And. Or by how does it matter what happens now. Well I'm actually I think I am I am so excited right now that I am going you. You know he cannot Wear night it you know and me and yeah I mean and can ask. Yet it's going to be I. That I hope that some more exciting interaction. I couldn't. Let. Well he said he hadn't found a timeline yet but that you are the ones so if you wanna talk time line you now. It's like that only you're welcome to the way I. Ed stick. I would not you know what let's just to idea but I'm excited for you vote but just from a guy's point of view. Much is real adding you right now. While we let it let me get rain I guess you're right here. I've already got her kids. Outfits for the wedding date pick down that hole thank god team I mean I have I have the wedding gift it. We. Will let you are. What is it a lot of red. A lot of bread coffee maker yes. I thank you Tracy. Thank you so much. If anybody. We asked for more people would do better what we got a floor if you weren't lined up so we can just O'Donnell hasn't asked where is this relationship growing. Heather they have their love and the chef. Heather and Athens. Yet had a habit I just didn't really wanna know why he's the limit so let me. He used to get married I mean I was there eatery when I am married and I made for forty years. And I had everything together like in my life and I thought that was like annex that there really wasn't because I kind of lost. My independence I have to. Now become irresponsible for. A husband and another child and I just don't understand. Why do women like Bill Clinton need to get married I don't get it. It's do so at the man once. Man what were the man wants you to the Bible as kids is first take care of us different strokes for different focus on who. I guess that mean I didn't think it did it make eye and then like why not just let the relationship goes the way it. Didn't quantity. So there's Heather ruthless enemy. I got I got the the ratings bonuses are spent. I don't need huge swing in here at Bryant did power it had all your logic in this. We got women you wanna come on the radio host tell the difference and say what's and let him do it okay. Thanks so we know it is probable but. I'm okay how are.