Eric Thinks Tracey is The One

Thursday, May 19th


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She now. Or one. Last week after putting a call on the air from a woman who wanted us to find out where her relationship was added. Which we got was just that one now novelty type thing. Jan literally got six emails from jet engine issue listeners who want us. Ask this same question of their boyfriends. Yes would they wanna know where is this relationship going they're just not the ones that want to ask the questions so we're talking to Tracy who wants us to place a call to Eric. And find out where is their relationship don't. I Tracy we're gonna put you on hold you'll be able to hear that you won't be able to talk I'm gonna call Eric and her fingers are crossed orient and. I'm ready I'm at eight co let's do this together. I. Eric this is Jen from the jet engine jet jet's here to do we are and to act he thinks her green come to us. An absolute. Tragedy on. Burkhardt road so cars that can literally her little look oh well listen we heard Fran. Your girlfriend Tracy and she says all kinds of awesome things about your she's really excited about your relationship and how cool you are when a great connection you guys have how awesome you are with her kid and it's just it's. Head over heels for a year old. And you know we have been talking about a few things on the radio that she identified with one being that we talked to somebody who wanted to know where their relationship was going she's. So I salami called them so. Insert we're calling you act and we want to ask on Tracy's behalf where your relationship is fine. Oh. You share and no I'm from them. Until the there burger. And I've never been. They're never been married. Lane. Car. I am I really think that the award. And I think you can Monaco. They're constantly. Explainer of them yeah. I don't think I'm earning him more than that maybe you shouldn't say anything more. I glass or I thought. So when you say she's on but we're gonna keep asking questions and show and you say that you think that she's the one that you are you talking. Mary's rest of your life. Yeah well that's awesome Annan's. And you obviously feel a strong connection with her kids casino there packaged deal yeah. And it. Yeah world I mean. I don't terrorists themselves hopes. That I wouldn't. Wouldn't want. To certain change. And hamburger. Wonderful letter. I don't know. Well let him go to begin work. Feeling it too. I. I don't think we have anything else right. I think that we were able to question hopefully you'll be set for having. And her for having a call to ask that question I think it was so nervous to ask you in herself. In her defense yet in her defense she just in quantity and person. News. Think that timeframe presuming there's something wrong. I don't. Know what do you have because he brought it out do you have a time line. I don't know that I do it I'm actually. Great it was will rattle your. My. Really I guess I should talk to her bottom trying. I can step out of that orange hair the whole thing you think green come on with us you really appreciate it kind of weird Hillary decision caught. Why are very clear eyed thank you Eric thanks Eric thing that from our. Excitement was overwhelming with Amma. Maybe he he just became. He made for example on him he's welcome back here in just a second and we will grab Tracy. And see what her thoughts which are going to be good doctor Stan grant degrees. Jeff Kent NGOs are ready for one.