Tracey Wants to Know Where Their is Relationship Going

Thursday, May 19th


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Thank you for making this switch today Jesse. Last week on the show we heard from a listener who wanted to six Coca boyfriend and figure out where is this relationship going right she was getting the answers that she needed there about two years and yeah this is Eric this is the dude who wanted to make a certain amount of money and buy a house before he proposed Taylor yes got it I. I know she told us about the relationship we called him a and then she got the answers that she needed she may not like them but Shia right. Well I'm not kidding you. Half a dozen emails from women saying they want us to do the exact same thing. Who do watch call their boyfriends yes on their behalf and ask where is this relationship going. Seriously either agree how come I am all for it I just. Is it a courage thing later you afraid of the answer is that why you don't wanna do it on your own. Well I think women are afraid of giving the guy the ultimatum they're like I don't wanna be the one gives some pressure but I do wanna know are beginning Sunday unilateral radio show given pressure yes and Tracy is the first one who is going to last she is on the phone now and and tell us about. Her relationship with Eric Tracy let me in the air head why do you want us to do this. Hi I. I know I can keep them on the other woman. Do you and I guess. I guess. I guess while you're digitally and I've been with this guy. And you look amazing. You know he's never been married since communication Orton. I am you know I have I am worried at all so you know I've got to force. Yeah I'd years ago and chew wonderful kids. And while I'm. How greatly and he's he's a wonderful guy age we've been let Larry you know upper body ear. And I just. Haven't been any. What can Jewish calendar. And in my heart sort of hung out and and I get it. You know I can't shut and I LL. Don't have the courage you can count. So he could a couple of quotes and and in my yeah a couple of questions has he has aired met your kids. Yeah OK so he's a part of your life and it feels like part of your family see one and Alec is this going the direction I want him. And you guys haven't had that conversation yet yours house. Yeah now he's brought an okay now. If you're going so well. Should now why wouldn't you bring it up to him. And you know what they can't I don't import just. Sure you're only is she here at oracle and I think about it my heart that you think about it why you found. My heart of hearts rose god is Lee Anthony leaned nearly. I don't think it could have fury you've won them all and I. No I. You know I have been divorced and that and spotlight. I was a bit but you know I didn't I don't know how active I can't. Count on going you are backing but I can't. Yeah. C don't wanna give him too much pressure you feel like maybe that sent some of that pressure and some of that pushing it to your divorce cellular make the same mistakes. But he still wanna know it's going so where you want it to go is married straight eyes and declare. Well it would be OK okay well I went through divorce long time ago and I wasn't sure I ever wanted to get married again after that that's I wanted to ask. He asked me how long it. I don't think he's so why can't I never. I never thought that I didn't really he know. That he you know I didn't think I taught you get there by her knowledge that air act changed my mind and now. Night and can't goal and an error that Levin who will recall him. We can ask him the question that you are you nervous ask. He had but you know it's all out there now there's gallons we ask. And more. Okay I'm. I don't yeah. I'll hang on the line and then we'll come back we'll call Eric you'll be able to hear that phone conversation and then we'll talk to after that okay. And.