Producer Kelly's Music Festival Rules

Thursday, May 19th


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If you're a festival person and you know about to hang out fast. Going on this weekend the weekend. Calvin Harris though the cool thing Lenny Kravitz. Florence and the machine and walk them move cage the other fans panic in that this go chain smokers. But it panic and the discount. Yeah yeah to differ events can happen. CNET and others is a van right on everybody yelling and he had. It's happening this weekend at the beach in Alabama and Kelly she's a B. Yeah hey nice gains and you are a festival expert UIAM I am up in at three in the past four weeks. I know a lot of people use hang out fast is like their entry. Point it's like the California roll festivals. Yeah I'm saying it's easy. It's I had beach you don't have to camp out in attain in a muddy Tennessee field and I Trout and the hotel right and got and get a Condo where he can hear the waves splashing. Gallery get big house likely the only thing that X sixty friends in the house and then you meet strangers who become friends it's great. So that we want Cali the festival going expert to kind of do a festival attain the 101. Did okay do's and don't edit these or more so like they don't like the dues are obviously aware sun screen and dress appropriately Wear comfortable shoes don't bring your branding issues impassable and get blisters all weekend. Dummy decay that gives burn on the first day. You know don't do that those are the obvious ones got whether or more specific ones for instance you're gonna see your favorite person like Florence and the machine right I hold my spot down you know like to get not upfront but I like to be close enough to like almost center gap and I'll hold my spot down I'll sit with a couple people. And then you know people bum rush towards the science and and they stand in front of you say your eye level with their bus right. Don't fart like Dante. And on the is out Iowa. And being over here and able haven't sitting here and this is so unpleasant company and lives Hanks. Guest John Florida and gases got exactly. So another one don't Wear in Indian headdress Dumpty back it's when it's disrespectful and if you don't know why Google it. But two if you're gonna Wear hats. Don't Wear one that stands out of foot tall and to see why can't see over you and that's why is a festival fame I don't know I think it's like my little thing video yeah Alex isn't gonna look cool and answer them but it actually super disrespectful to onto that analysts in front entrance and Lester native American yesterday politically correct. Another one as much as you love like the flow he pants are like what I have on right now which is like romper rooms break. Don't Wear those I love Obama made his mistakes so many times you go into a Porta potty. And all of a sudden like your pants are touching the port hardy grounds analysts and answer to isolate or I know baggy is not your friend and importantly have hard and try wearing a romper and then. Telling you feel naked import parties hello. That's actually what the bands playing at hang out near death. There had to go ahead they're coming out after panic at this another one if you're behind me and you are recording the entire show with your flash on I am. Actually saw going to take my bottled water and you accidentally throw it around to quote unquote cool off the crowd. It will destroy your phone and destroy your flash and then do an accident I have many people do that I hate it so much I don't know how especially because you're never gonna watch any I don't get back. Flash doesn't help I've been on her I was at Eddie's attic. You know the small little 200 people thing and there's somebody you've eaten and I am yeah and I hit Maddon has our breakdown now. No flash. Well I guess. Must hate. Oh yes and you interview artists and you ask them like what's one thing about today shows that you could change Levy they all say cellphones. All of them all comers like you know so many people especially from route. Artists will stop until people get off your dynamic enjoyed this it's even worse when you got somebody in front of you with a phone on the whole time. But it's a way worse than somebody behind you with their flash on because you're just like OK am I mean your shot right for them. And unity decent you get to see the flash peak around yeah I have heard and it just I don't get it taken up in the moment and it's like in he said you know I watch that again. So authentic but you have thirty seconds or 62. Hole she oh yeah how did that. And 41 lakes on the instant Graham's. As like people have finally given you sixty cent a peg my my snaps have people are gonna love. This use it wisely. My my biggest thing I believe it is getting up the vessel with a boyfriend and girlfriend and love each other. And then you're on making out the entire show. Not amuses teenagers like it's the first us on them with my boyfriend a mom's not hear the design making mount. At hang out especially and it is now insisting Andy don't. There's we. There could be some odd parent listening right now who is back somehow proud that I nowadays like nevermind no and a fifth Hanson. Guy to have fun and hang out and we'll look forward all of your updates on social media. All of at a place I was so excited to still be there won't the flash yet don't do that.