Millennial Dating: Do They Want Commitment?

Wednesday, May 18th


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And gen John Wii goes the. Colonials are they the generation that doesn't actually want relationships Jeff Aaron you're trying to figure out what generation where considered or we X are we why I don't know but I think you're a millennial trapped in general answers spot okay thanks. I am. That's what I think you're in your love of social media makes me think that so. Give us a really cool. This opinion piece written on the Huff post and I just thought that we can run it by. Our resident millennial in studio producer Kelly cheese and see if you agree with this woman who wrote it and she writes it is a week. Name's Christie Wilkinson she says we want a second cup of coffee of art in our insert grams of lazy Saturday mornings in another pair shoes and Arty pictures of our feet. We want the social media post that wins hash tag relationship goals but we don't want an actual relationship. She says we wanna date for our sunny morning brunch taco Tuesday partner in them and Texas good morning on Wednesday. One plus one for all the weddings we keep getting invited to vote and we are the generation who doesn't want a relationship. Agree or disagree. Com I agree actually I really think I do I always talk about my relationship inch. That I am in. And it is an inch so I think I agree but who takes pictures of their feet on and everybody everybody really yeah. I've ever seen the light each of the whole big search. I mean kinda weird I said that we invest more time in our tender profiles than our personalities. I've never been on tender so I don't agree with that but if I did have it in her outfits on the super catchy sure. She says we talk we text we snapped chat. We hang out we happy hour we go to coffee and grab a beer anything to avoid an actual date. I don't know I like dating way in Atlanta has apparently Atlanta as a really hard city today in. Com I think it means the ratio of men two women and a that is such I've that's what I've heard it for me I want I enjoy dating so I don't. Relationship this is our kind of my thing you know it should she says we don't want to work of our relationship we want to hand holding without the eye contact. The teasing without the serious conversations. That pretty promise without the actual commitments. She says we want the deep connection while keeping things shallow. Oval I always tell my kids at all. RC but she's nine average per cent mean do you agree with our an anyways Jeff as a millennial trash can into. I do think they're I think there is a shift I think between. Light when not backing Barrett and my day there's a shift. That. I think there's a significant number of people who had rather stay and and hang out on their couch and watch life happen through snap Chad and threw in some Graham. Then worried. Lou would read it would go out and live life. While would you agree that social media has kind of main relationship is little harder. That suddenly you are kind of like in touch with all of your x.s and then they can see what you're doing on sat chat so when you're in any relationship. Suddenly it's like though wall who are all of his exit then why are they liking how they answer the hell is this pretty girl you know like things like that make it a little harder I think today now. Do you think she has a point here she says at one of their her ending thoughts which I thought was. What really impact full is we wanna keep chasing the idea of love but we don't wanna actually fall into it. Is it possible that social media. And David just watch and her producer David like Mo all. I thought I was so he'd be put down snap Chad and came in the so a good but. Do you think it's possible that social media has created such a glamorous look of love that people are constantly chasing that. And they are looking for some sort of ideal that he. It's in into Graham filter. I think yes and no I think Keno everybody wants to. I would be lying has like I don't know I really wanna. Do these things I can take those pictures and show people how happy I am but I feel like. Once you become comfortable with yourself. And confident yourself you can make those deep connections and you can. Form those relationships that that turn into the long term relationships and life. Right right but I think that this girl maybe has some trust issues are sounding as well. I have maybe got our heart broken a couple times and sees is kind of over because I do love being in love. And I do love my boyfriend Tom plan it's just like in ish thing where young and I don't wanna be married today or tomorrow. And I don't think he does either so. I wanna be in love but I just don't want all the seriousness of a relationship. And I keep it casual yeah exactly I got back. And she says that we take it slow we see where it goes we don't label things we just hang out that's mainly keep one foot out the door we keep one eye open and and we keep people at arm's length. Yeah that's trust issues there maybe I have seen and I hope I don't know how. Is that I've been with people that have been like that and then the more they hear with the person and you develop. A stronger feelings as is our connection and yes you don't label at first you don't want that pressure because you don't want to set an expectation that you might not be able to meet. But then once you keep on going with the flow and seeing how that is just because we don't beat just because we wanna keep it casual now doesn't mean we want that further arrests. So what I've learned here is. Kelly is it true millennial. It too lazy to even change some money. Whereas it's not a true let me know because he's one of the work in and be patient actually could change your person. Jesse James Giles. 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