Listeners Give Their Online Dating Advice

Tuesday, May 17th


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Or one. Cat in locust grove what he got. Well I think Aaron knows that general. If that guy is all in the front of picture can I do with the jail. Or alerted bears playing banning any use winds. Right. No way to totally getting here he's. Order from around the time you. I'm telling you my girlfriend and done it thinking because and and she did very clever aren't your ball because she went into that not anymore under. But it shouldn't all of them even for a short MMY and it went up. Well Ernie was there anything else like there was with comma between them like one of those tear drop tattoos or what. I know I'm really not paying their music gets the ball. Hey meg getting Kennesaw. Trying. Animal Planet red eye if he. You're feeling bad about me section blank. Or is he let random letters and yes. Why you leave it blank. Because he's a man of mystery. And he wants to leave something for the first state to talk about he wants to make sure that his wife's history. He's what it says to me well I'm definitely in the about me section he's like I can't tell you about may get that I did you wouldn't date me. 404741. That 9400 if you have some. Tips for our producer Don who is venturing an online dating here's some of the ones from on line. If every pictures a group picture. It's not really worth playing where's Waldo refinement I wanted yeah tang. Megan. Says if all this picture yourself these especially mirror SE he's probably friend let's really good point. I don't less yep so that is kind of the polar opposite that and I have a good balance and. Well I think you can if you don't have anybody else taking a picture for you I think that it. But they're saying you've got to be right leader himself he's he's currently in. A warrior a self involved and arsonists did you ever do one that was there are some region that statement and a lot of there's a lot of anger underneath Od did you review online dating and you're single they. I didn't because hobby is my a maiden name and so. Wish I was online dating is Jenn hobby I felt like it would be only maybe people interest and radio so I I didn't. Or ever not only are you what are they would GA and I don't apparently surprised that may get and you've heard when he got. It keeps that peace in between eight and a light. Even most likely unemployed. OK okay airline aids he's gone through a transformation. And and our. Are you OK I was unemployed Donnan and cartoon jobs you know he needs to next you thing yeah. You line job out there you can pretty likely find one yet to with CS DC in Kennesaw what's up Stacy. So basically my mom always told me birds of a feather flock together that he noticed that all of his friend Burt says it. Are all single and they go out constantly that main seat at the same thing that stay away. And if they're bald it's a prison gang. With the understandable thing I don't know what does that mean. Not keeping campaign line it's that if she needs the ball on perk but some people get thinning hair. Each day they just go out with I think he's a good option than having super inning. I know a couple all of these in his I don't think either of them. Three I don't think any of them in jail my brother is going Obama and easily swing didn't Fallon. I actually went president Kelley and can. You could be our last call agents in his profile run for your life. It into what are key yeah. Yeah I bet they're gonna end. Now. Starting may be forewarned.