Producer Donna Wants to Try Online Dating

Tuesday, May 17th


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Jesse James Shields Shelton Vizio. Conversation at 4047. Now before Andre also all right any more all that so our producer Don his decided adventure in the online dating. Never before never before now's the time now and that's why is now the time. I just moved back to Georgia again I was in Florida for two years young and I worked two jobs I don't really have time definitely. Go wow I didn't go to bars and then I'm not firmament. So I have a little dog right and he takes I'm so. Instead of me like watching your dog and not a cat. I'll I refused. It and not exactly. What I refused to be capped what about just a little. You're a little toy dog lady yes or day I will have those target lady. The man you're. Get the sound effects on the screen. And right now what about a pedal car. Considers that you are talking about Don and you're gonna go online dating. For the first time because you don't you just don't have time to go out engage with only money. And are heightened feeling about the whole thing. I decided what we did I'm prominently and so when I see people right there online dating or I mean people in their like all. Kashmiri often match part comes in like it's. Easy to McDonald's. And they. I have 4047419400. Your specific question. Is related to view. Red flags right yes I attacked. Like burn me a big red flag is like. Just looking for a guitar or I'm forty with Nokia. That's a red flag. This is it's rare that I don't like forty with Nokia is night. I don't want it. Well. Let me down a similar design that yes that's Johnny. Are all gonna sperm this morning and does this question is if you've got experience and online dating. Tell her what Dan red flags are in a guy's profile so. The F 4047419400. If if you've done as. There's got to be some commonality. Among the psychopaths. Yes. Yeah not beyond the Ken Lewis forty thing. I press for is I'm only 27 and so so I'd rip. The Sony your filter you have to Mecca. So we're looking for for. Do you not nothing's found is justly or get out of you're looking for check Elena didn't hear you didn't have kids and you know grow old with somebody other in my dog food with it. The item I thought I'd press I'd floated this amount earlier and I think this might make sense of him for the guys occupation as like self employed yeah like. Entrepreneur. That means. Always hustling for about my mind because he has a successful entrepreneur that we need but the name his company and likes to business early hey what are you guys. Case of of the profession title for a 47419401. Helped Donna out Christina and Marietta what's up. OK so eager flag is like anybody that he you know provide a lot of Ari Victor in the attic of a lot. We have got science that they're single attack it it that a lot that I was there a light bill that I. It's your point oh yes because there at the club the club has generally where you'd be looking for someone pray and then you're also doing it I'm lying so that's kind of like smoking and where in the past. So that's that's her STV filter. Ever pictures of the club. Don't go near any Kelsey and Carter's ability to Afrikaner. OK so much fun wanted to try how much dating a few years back up and Connecticut got a heart into what you call me all about it yet so few into the political life. Duval by a minute but what he called me that do not ever gonna guys from online but it doesn't smile in his picture hit one thing. I. Oh god hey wow look okay on. It's. I may before one.