Jeff Feels Insulted by Our Boss

Tuesday, May 17th


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Now. Starting may be forewarned. Really nervous about next next few minutes of radio because we're often connected down Jeff. Decisions you make our reflection on me I'm not I'm maker reflection on you. And this makes me nervous tonight I'm not talking about our bosses to not say anything bad. I'm not seeing any American on night. I'm not saying anything bad I am asking. A family. And my peoples huge and your people hunt Marino producer Dave and everybody gets a bit Everett. For a foursome four when 9400. Everybody. Can tell me if I'm being a diva. Or if I can say something. To our boss. Tony Lori. Then maybe you have approached your boss about something they do that you don't like and you've done it very successfully and very well. Maybe you could coach Jeff up on this because some presentation. Here's the deal he keeps Kelly the contents. He. Probably. I dozen times a week. Insults me. He doesn't even realize he's doing it. Don't look so nervous and cannot plating and health met this is not bad. I might be in the wrong. I may be incorrect but he never admit that. I fully admit if I am wrong. I love that we've already got people calling out to give to give him OK if if I am universally. Wrong I will stammer on in this will never come up and I'll never told Tony my concerns. So Tony. Yes and not listen is a very successful. Radio program. Who is now running start any 41 Atlanta and running quite successful. Terrific radio success ratings success rode that momentum since he's arrived we just had our big wade. In from out of town and he said love the momentum of this station. We're gonna talk. Already has started since Tony. Then. Few months into Tony taking over the radio station. Jan and I get to join the radio station we get to treat the Japanese pension. Okay. You don't know I jammed his work and morning radio for fifteen years right he's starting of 2001 and warnings. Yes I have to go back and checked the mail resume dusted off right yes. I she has been doing morning radio in Atlanta for for ever I have only done morning radio have been doing it for over when he years. Very successfully. In radio markets like Boston. Philadelphia. Tucson Arizona. And most recently. I've done it here in Atlanta for eighteen years. Down the dial a little bit. Great success. To Richard Grasso got one of Tony's favorite things to say. When we are talking about morning radio issues. I know where your coming from it it mornings in Milwaukee. For how long. Think like maybe a year. Okay and this is insulting to you why. Do you mornings in Milwaukee. For the year. In every penny says it I'm like. Any. Of great buddy. I was at bat boy for the Syracuse Chiefs I'm compare himself to chipper. And insane. So the idea Eva and making it Eva for saying that maybe he's got a temper that late in part during part of my radio career I had to do some stuff. For the music department areas station in Boston for about a year. Paid to do something called. Mika call out hooks and edit songs and they use them for research and so when that program called selector selector and so when he's talking about radio stuff. Write music stuff I don't see him while back when I was four and music. So you feel like you would be the same thing is and maybe. It would be he can offer suggestions. For the morning show with everything. Does offer suggestions Liberia actually telling the truth and I'd be in a diva. I think editing it and then. We'll that I won't protect him. 8000 hey brandy might imagine it either my justified. Did you ever in part because it really depends and ends. But the spot but Robert personality and boy the gang so. Like I today. Open floor construct the credit that them meant that you say panic lack our little sort of bombs but they're gonna blow offense. Make it say about themselves. You blow off I think you would be open to it. I think you guarantee anything that may be on this. But the question that there's really because I've had that same an area tanks you got back in the day I didn't have a career with the job. I don't give a crap what I said the person you know I would very professional at that. But I politely came out effect that would ledger doing a lot you know you're doing a lot. Not to enact is that do anything wrong he's trying to be helpful this is is this is there it showed that he. He wore down which is a successful. Show. Pay everybody reading in the but here live at the go hog or Joseph were already with a weenie sound alike contest I don't know but I don't think they can say my jets raced because they. It all flat neat. Hello there it is and it do you think you can say that just like we need here you can win 97.1. Dollars for the cool weekend ahead. I. Yeah my name's Lulu in there I had. And welcome back. They were about gamma Vienna. Really great during this show thought. LaMont and I really. Are you working in Milwaukee by tomorrow. Rebecca may be in edema. Maybe an idea. You know I think it's funny I think it's split that it could be your little. Every drink it you can't cool. You need to ask. I think that every time he says that if you lose your in my life and. Every time you talk to. Pay Lori. I get a diva. Who I am partially exempt. I don't bring it out then. The us has earned the right to say whatever they wanna say there's the box and some mornings who want to. Well Alibaba and that's meant a monkey on 97 point loan statement. Yeah you know lol yeah yeah. Yeah. In my. And so. Pulled back again to. Might come I did you they just drop it. Yeah just you beat out listen to you since you started it all out man I don't certainly prince though returned quicker got a new normal morning Abiola. Yeah you're below the that would be the man that you all suck it up and take it for a little bit. Right. I well. Still rejects gas entanglement. Afternoon. In Tony afternoon phones. I think we have a lead. Oh yeah. Dick you don't punch line doggy on 97 points. Much better on the hit. An error. Point one. Now. It's done maybe 41.