New Atlanta Falcons Fan-First Menu

Tuesday, May 17th


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Al all star may be forewarned. The falcons do have a brand new stadium and what it looked like inside. Specifically in food and beverage and now you're on and very exciting OK so. Huggins owner Arthur Blank and it president Rich McKay revealed what the concession stands are analysts like. And we get some highlights wary of the prices are going to be fantastic. Two bucks for soda water hot dogs and pretzels three bucks per waffle Fries pizza slices and not Joe's. Why bucks for 812 ounce domestic domestic beer or cheeseburger and six bucks. For the chicken tender basket with Fries those are all relatively low prices those are fantastic prices inside the stadium here's the other thing. So the falcons are going economics the Braves went gluttony the Braves are like let's put a year all pound of hamburger. Between two pizza is and then put a hot out on top fifth it and call it vitamin dividend sugar deep fry and called the French toast pizza waffled. Volvo brought her daughter dogma machine hot dog everything you were a year over. Yeah now. Are there did say yesterday there's gonna be healthy options available but he recognizes that people don't go to games to have celery and carrots so he said there's going to be several organic and fresh food choices so excuse me usher can you direct me tutored gluten free confession. Where can I have been a hint here. Yeah many comments. There are going to be those options but he does recognize that people are really good food and a lot local food. So they also announced that they're always going to be at least five local restaurants inside of the new stadium very exciting that it armed with people options if they're gonna have four or five more maybe more national brands to sell food at the stadium. Annapolis a restaurant is going to be released in June or July and we is this corn dogs. Is this organically raised since the just for a damaged corn humanely race really trying to be upheld the weakened from the two noses. Since Hoover enters its business free range and nobody can figure can be free range chicken. I think nobody likes a real Coke more than I do I love that real Coca-Cola and this made me excited that your soda is going to be self serve. With free refills so all you have used by your cup. And when you wanna go back free for you read well you can refill it yourselves you know they're gonna have this mad at machines there you can make all sorts of concoctions do you think of think yeah Jerry and mellowed room that your Diet Sprite Coke change or Al three trillion options on soda also. And they say leave the change in your wallet the prices were rounded up intentionally to include tax to see him pay with your paper currency and not have to worry about getting a hold much change back my package. Arthur Blank just made me a football fans have had a tough couple. It's time. I made before one.