Listeners Say Why Their Friend is So Dumb

Friday, May 13th


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It's are making this wedge to the Japanese yen shall certainly aren't. They Jessica welcome to the jet engine shafts aren't right your friend is so down. Migrated slow them is that when her mother called erotic artist that I nearly EPA she can except for having had a party. And DJ. Mom not know about the party okay he had no idea actually. And rarely good out there. It's call god. Head still work ethic great hinting trick in an interview that some day I now there's a Smart mom dumb kid Smart bomb them. Hey amber welcome to the Japanese yen Jeb. Yeah. I do yeah. My friend to them that lack here when we had the IR. She asked me why people I've read it you know and I said well Brett because when the power not you can make what are amateur I think again. Can you don't future at a and I think yourself why he said well how well it been like yeah come on my seat. Didn't get there it. I thought maybe you know maybe she only grew up with a gas stoves Saddam may be their higher now. I don't know at a Melissa and load ability got. My friend is that that many many here again she's all that or well water. You know Eric. A rocking their big eyes and she really. How to negative that I guess it's. My career and your favorite segment that is that's fantastic. And ancient ice. My friend is so dumb my. Friend is so dumb that she actually thought. That you know North Carolina South Carolina and North Dakota about the quote them what they. You know they're they're different I think that are divided it up at Baylor it is the same state. I divided into region. And no. She thought the governor. And the two different governors there I thought Carolina until they then you're required to governor like because it's different things that. Know. It's one they divided into read it I actually got an argument that there should be if you think about it. And that showed heart. That's cheap and has that part of their grave omelet that's funny. Crazy dumb. So in her world there's only like 4748. States since the demanded in that's great thanks for the call. Yeah what about hey Jessica my friend is so. My credit though down up and aquarium in Georgia. Hi. Is that we had. He wanted to take it under the aquarium and I wouldn't let in Atlanta they need a tentative in Georgia. No. Had a nitric lieutenant. At Tennessee aquarium. That's awesome that's fantastic thanks for the call I think when he's going to be our last call because they don't think we'll this okay. Wendy I'm just reading this on the phone screening. Software and I am excited so are holed out well our home. Windy. I gave them my best friend a couple of years ago lag is got to come and she called me and I said. Where are you and that we didn't riding their little burned. Now I'd like I'm far away and you're like you know like some people call it little little bird Michael player alone can't I'll pronounce it like should be for now little. Not a not a nickname that's the name at all. Barrett yeah I didn't like aren't you about it a lot of that. Out you heard that much about it later we will are. All right. You in Atlanta and little burn you got this out now that. People for not being around. Plus I'd thank you indeed ads aren't allowed that is I think he's gonna. Yeah. Or one.