My Friend is So Dumb

Friday, May 13th


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You have this show should really be called the Japanese yen in usually how does he can't do it without yeah. Laughs from world war so. Before Andre thanks for making. Is still not before one now can name the inspiration. For this topic Jan because that would be great. Can you just tells the story and not name not the dumb person yeah friends. Thoughts. That when people referred to that clouds. We all know overtime I would the cloud right the cloud against Orson step in the cloud yes OK so she got the clout. What is an actual. Space ship full of computers. And so we knew because when you see somebody graphically represent the clout would. It's like data traveling from your laptop. For your iPhone. Hopefully clout sushi assume that like Microsoft. And Google or apple. Built a giant spaceship filled with computers and you'd send your data up to that spaceship there's more room out there right. The gravity of the lack of gravity makes more room available today that the so 404741. And 9400. The idea is you start the sentence with. My friend is stowed down. When I don't laugh at them. Laugh near them. When a lap after 40474. Line 9400. My friend is so down Shelley you to be the first cop. My grandpa downs that he thought that 8 PM and are. Expect the money. The simple fact that oh wait it doesn't. And it's funny. Hey Jennifer. Yes what do you have a downtrend. I may want more like I in the dump brand. Calling yourself out decay is counted them. Unless I'm done about it. My friend and talking about an instant. And I thought she was talking about it and said. And what was she. I didn't hear you the first time. You're talking about getting to get our mind and wanted to give them like the smelly like instant. Are you sense. Yeah it I have kind of pulled her out like a little like that and that. Now so. Yeah my whole high school camp like Burnett like that sound like they did he bring it up and. And now they've always if so call. It may maybe somebody will. Resuming we'll call and talk about Ian and use drugs and it's going hey. Is this Erica welcome to the jet engine champ. Did they got. She thought fired manufacture water inside of them. Constantly. Spew. Out in 08 dot. That that you're not cheap like why don't the truck engine go to the late get pumped water in it and. I thought. So. Figurehead game you had to explain to her that there's like fire hydrants in the Mets went hoses are. Voted right and water like titan. EA lately how that I work. She got like me. I don't know I don't know what you got from the air I don't know but he's got tired I need water. Answer. There. That's hard act to go away. Hey Mark Leno welcomed the Jeff and in general. Yeah yeah I hear you again nice to be heard again. And actually my brand is owed she what our mutual friend. Had to be deported because that they expired sheep other credit card greenhouse. Oh. It's. And I heard off. Assume they are. While. And that means that I've been deported to you yeah I think this just. She now. Or one.