How Long to Wait to Date after Divorce

Thursday, May 12th


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Jesse James shalt. So how long does somebody have to be passed or divorce. To move on to a new relationship that's the question from my friend. Liz who lives in new islands and she now we're talking the other day just started dating a new guy named Dan. He's really into her. And she's really an hand and they got the beginnings of a relationship and his divorce which doesn't bother her at all. He was married for about ten years he's got two small children. And seemingly it is the best case scenario because. The divorce is actually pretty amicable with his ex wife so there's no real drama there. They're like sharing the custody of the kids really well he's got his days. Ex wife has her days and seems to be really great. Here's the only question that list has is that he's only been officially divorced. For five months. 01 now from her understanding though the marriage head Ito emotionally ended. Probably years before it legally and didn't okay. And it ended for both of them so really no drama with the X like the ex wife's gonna bet he's good with that. They're sharing your co currency how beautifully how many kids too small can't smile okay yeah they were married for about ten years five months dietary tenure manner and Fisher all. Before you know legal official divorce for five months so her question is like he seems like he's way over the acts that they've been over each other for awhile. You know there's no baby momma drama and is so anyway. And this year and now. Jen and I have both. We both written that divorce rook rollercoaster who we know kids. However despite I would venture to say that no matter where you are emotionally. In the you know divorce process in the breaking a process it's still. Tears you up like five minds. Way to use and you think it's way too sand. At no later emotionally. You could be in a very different place than you are sort of like on the like technical legal side of things that technically he's been divorced five months. PC he says he's ready to move on into a new relationship. Is way in him he's way in her producers how long do you have to be post divorce this. Are your new relationship producer David says there's math that needs to be done really it can bring us here crews of British left British equations professor close is very easy at all at either red arrow heard that and I've never been through any kind of divorced before so when this first hand and I've heard that. How ever long you were together okay you need at least half of the stand our together to get over the break so if he was in my third year. Wait five years of that day that that's some thing I've never experienced this firsthand that's just what I've heard just wait so long while five months is way too soon. Like five months is. He thinks it's too soon I don't know this is why I can't I didn't really have the greatest advice for her because I think he can be really emotionally moved on. A lot faster. I just and I just this idea of five. Yeah so you think she should run the other direction. Or his she just casually dating unfurl the it seems like this relationship in she's the first one afterwards. Yes we have people call I think he's had like hookups. And not like. Oro force said he learned. Relation like not anybody that he's called a girlfriend 4047419400. We'll talk to at least here in Atlanta first a lease. Five months after ten year marriage. I don't we can't wait I ain't. I think Harry Aaron Matt every tribe here as we here are very he'd won in the air ill. Yes overt. All the work. OK and that you know adding that. And so again I interrupted you go ahead please no I. Partly depend. I won't cut them a divorce Q. Yeah I don't know. He was dating really knows it exactly that but it just it seems like it was pretty amicable elect ex wife was right in on he was right move on and they seem to be getting along. Actually great yeah they get they got divorced because he was dating your friend lives that would speed things up tremendously that would be different since the we need somebody to call and clarify this because while I don't go to any of anti spam these churches OK have you heard his math. Now that after you get divorced like I think it's two years. These are you two years he should be by yourself by yourself I think no matter how long the marriages somebody from from when his churches of us and recording what Alicia. Hey they academy let up. I'd look at art I think it's like the ballot there right now with what we're here that we have three kids at her aunt. Are you happy I figured out yeah exactly Marquette without back and then the earthquake that and how emotional. And is it lately there. OK so my friend she drowned the other direction. Act idol and I think carpet now back. There's no light heat ready for that. Hey Jackie it's ten unanimous to announce grandma. Hey Jackie in tennis asset. I get what I want to bring it how alternate small children to get it there like. Yeah its military and they were clearly happier and more recently. Then elect the kicker like and they all eight. Yet and obviously. They're all I think are right around in their I wanna say they're like six an eight. Or something like pat. Says there's enough of today. Offer there's a few if he was emotionally and attached it was for a couple years like ally and get what you're saying yeah he's at an anti emotionally attached image may have made. And that's and it mostly an attachment and some houses that they really continue this conversation on FaceBook we love to do that. If we run at a time on the show and we can dig into deeper and we may have to bring this up again. Tomorrow and scissors and a lot of lot of feedback coming and let people have different equations and different type of math I liked I liked that formulaic equations to figure this out this is good things. Shall. Or one.