Ghost Hunting: We Talk to Kelly

Wednesday, May 11th


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She now. Or one. Call yesterday came and it from Lindsay Lindsay want this to you. Call a woman named Kelly Kelly dated lazy brother Todd they broke out. But Lindsay and Kelly had a connection so she goes did NORAD doing any hunting for. We're just finding out if it's cool if we reunite them right and leads Clinton was feeling a little awkward about having that conversation with Kelly. But she feels like her brother Todd has moved on and he's got another relationship and an apple and now she can be different to the next front so we don't we will call Kelly now and Lindsay is listening in. Give our industry and reunited Miami air we just connected yeah particularly school with it yes. We don't know when they broke up calling Kelly. I I opt opt. I. Hey Kelly. Hey. Kelly this is and projections and show concern for one Jeff is here see you how you doing. Harry. Hey we are kind new on behalf of an old friend of yours Lindsay. She's a sister of 100 x.'s I'll. You remember Lindsay right. Yeah well she loves you look and really what your French at that used parts of together when you were dating her brother. And she said that since you guys but she's been missing Yale and Lance have rekindle that French ship. I'm she said that she wasn't sure what happened with the break up or YUN Tod marks another name but was hoping that. That she be able to reconnect to Tia. So but she made an all nervous about it so we're doing now we're concert ever. Yeah it this way of Todd is mad at her for reaching out to you. Because you like broke a harder something main word of the bad people and she's she blame us yet. Wow. It's weird because like some. I don't like. You go out there breakup and like you know you sometimes and friends we get friend in common friend I'm excited to have like that. Obviously me you know ladies and his minister had Blake of course that's besides she's gonna be kinda. Making. Well well I pull out before you. Finish that like I don't think Lindsay is on any side that she wants to be friends who view and changed over. That's not how I felt certain. And don't know I don't know it Blake early it is it just kind of made it Donna okay would be. I know I immediately be just little awkward. Now again I don't now I don't know I do I feel weird about it now I am like. It gives the event and really got it right when they broke up. I was so you are bomb that she did reach out to you sooner. I guess you know again you know they get yeah irate it would be weird it would be weird and and like it did have really kind of hard to. Only a heartbreak happened it like it here reminder of it and I mean I don't know about this in the future from many feelings player but right now I don't now it's little it's a lot. So with the breakup he did the breaking up. So if you are still friends with Terry we like she'd probably somehow talk about hammer you when asked questions about him. We have EM IAEA yeah I mean. You know I did I did like it good. Saying they can't block in mind you know being the Atkins die it would look FaceBook friend but I can't compete directly he won you know it's. Like work all right well no we're not cool. Thing you know I mean and then it hoping it then go weird I'd. There have done to try to get over my right like to line. It's a friendship with her we just kind of keep it present that makes a whole lot of sense and I'm sorry we didn't think that first before calling you. Think of that kind of down. We're really bad at relationships. Not an email that had plenty. I like my apparently and obviously glory you know. What it was easy to initiate a mile per academic is not likely to get back together and I the big guy. You know like Mac. I will hate you're welcome by the way for scrape and that wound open I don't have to thank our. It's just our gift TO because we love. Is there anything you want masses say to Lindsay. In regards did you see your friendship with her. Yeah me that she got it scared you don't see that you know things with her at like that. I would appeal batter wish anything bad you know it's just play yeah she. Yeah I know I mean there's no bad places like Dubai you know and look maybe you'd hear around to the plate and today. Know that I doubt it's cool I can't thank you for that time. Yeah creator and truly sorry about that we ordered them so now I am I mean I. Thank you. I will come back in just a minute and we'll get Lindsey's reaction that was that was a big swing and miss on our part and we just. She now. Or one.