Jenn's Body Language Advice

Monday, May 9th


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Are making this wedge and Jesse James shall certainly aren't. There is one thing you can change about your body language that will make every one take you more seriously it's advice that I give to interns who have worked with for years. And we'll tell you about that here and just sec ten. Heather branches 1000. Dollars for 8:11 o'clock this morning. To make sure when you get into work today you turn your radio I'm 94 months and leave it there. So it's the one thing they even change about your body language that I was taught us. Years ago and I always pay it forward and so Jeff wanna meet is shared today to see her meet coaching. Our new intern gets. I forgot to tell this all the interns and I think it's so brilliant and you do it it's it's targeted rate for women but I do think. As a whole we I think women need it more than guys because. Let's face it guys have an advantage and production and it is us. By the. What you all what you mean by that is that you guys have a different way that they carry themselves right. Because of the way to erase and so when it comes of broadcasting in the advice I always give it. Is as it applies to radio or television are things in broadcasting but it really works. And whatever are meeting that you could be having with any boss superior co worker whatever it is any encounters yet to be an official meeting Agassi it's soberly tenure you don't even have brought you well it's not my advice it was something that I was given and I just pay for how to act. And so basically. The advice is about your body language and women are often tied to. Cross our legs right and then you put your hand in your. That's or is that typical way that we all sit right hand your lap you're holding your own hands. Something that is more due to skew that can earlier where you legitimately sitting that way producer Kelly isn't here she's already doing legs crossed hands in her lap as well. Because that's considered color plates right it's considered ladylike. But when you are. In broadcasting or maybe an office setting it comes across as meek. It comes across as less confident so I was told to put your hands on the desk. And is especially true for women in television and you'll now watch television very differently even pointed out to Jeff. We have the TV on in here when live with Kelly Michael was on hands. Aaron entrance was feeling again and she was doing she and her hands on the desk she's very commanding of the room she wasn't sitting there. With their general and I was saying Jeff I was exe Erin Andrews is being given me advice to. So it's just about opening up your body language and making sure that. Your hands are on the desk or whatever table is in front of you and it changes your posture first comics who set up more straight and makes you. More engaged and it's just a more commanding stance. So I would give advice to our new Kurt producers I was talking to a new producer Donna the other day she comes off very soft spoken. Which is typically a good. Think for women were taught our whole lives to be polite be more soft spoke Indy delicate I like the word meek. My women meek. Memories. We're gonna have to have more compact. Where continental evidence ethically you can about the human when meat you're an idiot to really stop. Tough tough. So and so way. Because we're always taught to be polite often times that translates into every part of our life but in the workplace. It's not as. That's what I'm looking for is undervalued. To be poll why you're not taking it seriously and I've taken as confidently. You wanna put off that confident vibe in the company demeanor especially when your contributing your ideas or you're making you're you're arguing your opinion mark. You're part of things you won't make it your body language. Shows that it's. I don't win win you're explaining this to me last weekend and we are talking right how it's on the shared with all that interns I remember. Being in a meeting we win that females who I'm I would say was I'm. On par with or more powerful. Than me you know and regards powerful. And then there's that. Pecking order and every organization. And we were in the name of our dynamic and her organization Tim and I remember she was sitting back and she had her hands in her lap. And they kept directing staff in the meeting to me to the point where it started to feel awkward because I'm like well. Racially talking this person this is the person answers that question I've realized when you're explaining this that her body language had a lot to do with it. Because she was dating back. She was engaged she's taken notes but she is a part of the conversation she was the decision maker but because of how she was carrying herself I think they. Austria over yet so ladies pay attention to your body language today it can be transformative and what you're doing that actually work this week so that's Jensen vice. And my advice is stay meek women. Meek is where it's at T cell. Jessie.