Jeff's Friend Tried to Bail and Failed!

Monday, May 9th


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Jesse James John it's suns are now before one. The most extreme all the way that you bailed on a date and just have a story about the excuse that. Backfired on a friend is. Let's say that Vienna avalanche tonight there's a free comedy show at 730 so if you and the Avalon area Muncie punch line that Saddam Avalon hosts it I'll be there. So it loved it lived to see the this story that I was gonna share happens to. Girl that I know who was on a terrible day and by the air phone numbers for a 47419400. If you have a creative ways the battled. I'm on a date. The girl was out of date with a guy and it was not going very well. And she wanted to balance. So she was texting her friend when he got to tease about human traits or whatever. And she had her phone you know patted down below issues keeping man and she said I can't I'm not the type of person who can just say all I'm not feeling well. Because on those who know its allies. Indeed she needs something more creative for the girl said its use tax issue is why we'll tell you this morning might. My mom's garage door would not open like the battery in the opener or something guy and that's the only way she had again in the house. But I have a key to her front door. So Imus used that excuse. Because it's obscure and now that it's believable it's not the typical some nights disagreement me error on my friend got a flat tire. So he she says. I loved that. Says to the dude. My mom and dad just got home they can't get the garage door opener and they don't have a key that gets in the in the front door of the house I have that he's wanted to take in the key. He of course has welcomed the she's known and now this is our first date that's weird and owner bring my first date back to my parents house and parents are we here. So okay. Wrap up. Get the bill. She's balance she's walking out that the restaurant we gave him thank and I pulled it off and passes her mom and dad walking into the restaurant. Well welcome now. So mom and dad had to go like. And yeah she introduces. Them as. That he's a man mom and dad my parent in late. Wait what it is I understand he can he called her out on a fully. Oh really like us you were totally lying about media about them and if I remember a hollow. I should have found at the tail end of the story comfortable because I think they laughed about it is he Ivey said I wasn't really feeling it either. Oh well and they ended up going late somewhere else for one more let's let's restart this. And I think Internet dating for almost a year no less true story out and they just weren't talent on the first date the I'll confirm that but I think that's the way it ended. But the thing. One. Jessie.