5 Myths of Motherhood

Thursday, May 5th


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Or one. I want to baby can it make you feel comfortable legally. Crazy. But ladies I promise you you're not at some myths of motherhood if you are new mommy definitely want to hear this you know a new mom. He definitely wanna hear this because you're not her. So Jeff. Am online. To know. Jeff make me feel normal when I came back to work yeah no I was little cranked for a few. You have half a first week or is interesting eight there's lots of luck of hormones and and all kinds of stuff going on but. I think here's the thing that makes you feel crazy when you have a new baby is that you have all of these expectations that you are supposed to be perfect. And there is a new study out according to some mental health experts that saint moms are feeling too much pressure. To live an unrealistic experience and those expectations that we put on ourselves. And that we feel are put on us that make us go a little bit knots. Do you think I is it more difficult to be a mom. Rate now than it was when your mom was a mom because of social media. Because of social because you see like everybody's post in pictures of their perfect little babies and their perfect little handy pro shade it. Blank kids wearing a perfect little outfit and meanwhile your kid it just ate a fistful of coffee grounds and rolled in dog group. Who we'll rotate well nobody ever posts in the real pictures of mother right. I mean I have got some pictures that I would take of myself and just only text of my friends. Billy this is what motherhood is really all about right because it we would just laugh at each other Gallic played earlier parent bar find your share it yet the kitchen is like covered with bottles and parts and pumping parts and just Jian everywhere and it looks like a total disaster. I would take pictures and some friends and they. Isn't motherhood glamorous. You're so we sort of keep each other in check on this whole. A realistic thing like let's be real here it's messy it's not pretty it's not glamorous the only one doing it glamorous Lee. Are the ones in Hollywood because guess what they get to pick the pictures that. Are put out there right and they have a lot of help I there's and a staff of nine yes and yeah so there you know they come out fresh face and beautiful makeup and hair looks perfect and they're just like. Caressing their young infant well that's now a mother who looks like and so anyway there's these five myths meanwhile it's 4 PM NJ and just realize she's wearing two different choose. Oh yeah I mean that would be on a good day that went into effect. There's five myths of mother heads so. Miss number one a good mother needs to be perfect they say a lot of new moms feel like they have to have a level logic and clean house and a four course dinner completely prepared. While they're taking care of a three week old neighbor baby and wait that's just not possible to just don't expect that you have to get everything going to be perfect. Another myth myth number two a big mother should bond immediately with her baby. Myth for a lot of people I do not experiences and a lot of friends that dead that they just didn't feel connected and how was this possible I. Grew this baby into my body for the last forty weeks and now I just don't I'm not feeling right away but sometimes. It takes awhile to nurture and develop those feelings towards your eighties though. A lot of moms feel like failures when they don't feel that instant bond in connection I must be missing something. And you really not it's a sometimes takes a while. Myth number three this should be happy this time in a mother's life. Any experts say there's moments of joy also confusion and grief all at the same time because the transition from single life to parenthood. Is really hard you're like why did we do all my gosh like there is some grief over life life will never ever be the same again invite. And by never you mean never ever ever ever. Like ever ever ever be able joke I go to eighteen years everything will be fine but now. Now it's it's is it a new life starts right then and there is some grief around that. If that's your expectation going into that you might everything might matches be like rainbows everywhere and I think you can handle little bit better but everybody expects it to be poses as the happiest moment your entire life there are some grief. So following a lot Imus involves following along for the Yang if your house is a mess you hate your baby in your bombed the and I single drink unit about it bars you're perfectly. Totally norm got it myth number four hour maternity leave is like a vacation so a lot of moms to be showered with parties and attention and and all the stuff before the babies born but then after the baby comes. There's a lot of women who feel really long and very alone so there's all this excitement all these people around you and everything and then it's human baby. And you're like whoa what happened later this thing this is not a vacation they say one in seven women experienced postpartum depression or anxiety so deathly reach out for support because you're totally normal back to. And then this is that myth number five that I think goes along with what you said about social media. I if I don't do blank I'm a failure and you can fill in the blank with so many things if I don't breast feed use cloth diapers. If I don't work outside count if I don't stay at town if I don't make an organic baby feared if I let my kid watch TV that you fill in the blank with all kinds of different things. And you feel like a failure just because we're on China. Live up to what people are putting on FaceBook but trust me what they're putting on FaceBook is not real. That's a good news to share rate from others that you give yourself a break you're not pray. You're okay. And we're all in this together. I heard yelling at somebody right now is that looking at their baby crying tears of relief that you hear this list like oh I don't. As fervently normally I hate your guts you know little moms certainly Jeff. Shall. Or one.