Josh Reacts to Rebecca

Wednesday, May 4th


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Jesse James Shields shelf Vizio and join the conversation I had 4047. He's four under par on sorry that he or law. We just heard from Rebecca who was boosting Josh let her pretty good reason explained to us exactly why she wasn't back content to them because. She does not want anything to do with him or his wife. If pay. Hey John. There are you may have had a different impression. Of the relationship. Well. I mean you don't hear what she said. What are you feeling when she's an. I. Guess I did have a different question would be today but they receive more. Together for that I adversaries are based special. (%expletive) she didn't really care about the critical usually. You know I know somebody that much about it in cadaver dogs you can sort liberty they get chewed agreement you been to. Me my wife remembers saying so. Are we you know we must users. Hedge hedge wires crossed as as well happened. Are you going to be able let this go. The fires are doing yeah fires not still learning and parents. Or you'll shoot Lugo on general British special people. They got bit cluttered. I think at the best thing you can focus your energy on is your marriage. I'd say that's trash. You're you're you're welcome moment. I enter hash tag should've gotten divorced. Hey I'm Michelle and Aqua earth. Hey hey Matt that I think he's crazy and she probably is going and that meeting that yes. A restraining order a little weirdo right eager for what it's worth. He's he does it take it to the next level and he obviously what we're what went well thought he felt like he was the affordable. You know you you know damn the love of god and the wife is crazy for taking that. Beyond the good news is. Rebecca had no longer lives in the same apartment complex on that's what I'm thinking yeah that's like she knew all but what I'm wolf we're. Yes he's he's a little. The dissection of the pool a eight and a and remaining and I used to be a boyfriend. And in my FaceBook. It's a good point. I takes forever they solicit Michelle appreciate it if things are down to a camera and actually just. She now.