Maternity vs. Me-ternity Calls

Tuesday, May 3rd


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It's. Really Tucson is not now. It's my friends and show. Submitted baby is neat eternity leave the woman that wrote a book and say and I think bad just because you have. Brought a new life into this world. You. Aren't the only one entitles to some time away. She says that everybody should get some form of meat turning the lead to unwind and chill out. The win their life it's the best of them she says there's no difference. Between leaving early to take care of this decade or two runs summoned to the doctor for a check out. And going out to a Mexican restaurant and a Margarita and supportive girlfriend you just got them. She says those are all equally as important. Obviously these statements have some people fired up. It does have a I think especially. Fermi as a mom of two young kids fired up because maternity leave isn't a time where your. Taking space for self reflection. I'm just telling you right now that is not what you're doing on maternity leave it is a medical. Times that you need to recover. For me from two major surgeries. See sex with each kid and you know for others from a birth or from and an adoption and your. You're trying be used to life for the kids a newborn baby and all the things that they require its 24/7. You're not really having time of personal reflection. Hey it Bonnie and Marietta what's up welcome to the show. Pay. Yeah well I'm concerned because of Denmark. What kind of against what you're doing and you know talking about how you can. Turn it yet. All alien and that let me you treat other. Eddie and I to him that you're gonna hurt him as you know are that you've drawn and I think that that's not what they should be about. The point which should be about. As I it's for me it's all about good radio. And human Giuliani to others as you an idea how I felt I had an and I am not. Yeah. You know I. It should be market. You know you haven't done so usually it is parity is maybe the article that you got your potential immediate. I have nothing better now it's not how we're. We have just wondering how. Companies will handle that well etc. we have unleashing who college she's at she's an HR professionals so my first question for you and we share is. How do you. Fairly. Treat people with children and people without children. Because you can't hear you said Europe mom you have to acknowledge that there are I don't column perks. But nobody questions that when a person has to leave early or can't stay later because of something child related. I don't think childless people have that same privilege so how do you I do you rectify that is an HR professional. But the big question I am I think to your earlier point you know we're ahead by the iron Ginsburg obviously that's their disability regardless of how the per capita. They knew that anger cover. And you know employers added treat their men and women that have children commend our panel whether it's there it's the adoption and or give an actual birds. And different ways and the lead pilot he commentary I think Mary caregiver and saw. And it's time for a band to take care of the child and it's not going to have margaritas at some biting each. I do not understand the point having fair and equitable environment for your employee. And that comes out your culture and bad. But don't let you know it's more paid time off and vacation and it intended me to take I'm Lori about you know how you deal of flexibility in the work towards its. And we need to get your take care graduates their child but they're packed. Or your water heater gets what out. And really depends on the culture of the company. But I think the culture of the company haven't I think human nature is hey I've got to leave early because. My kid as paint guy and I edited it treated. Is going to be treated a lot differently than I have to leave early because they'd take a lukewarm shower today to map out water heaters heat. Maybe but they're both eight in individual people they're both priorities right. They aren't actually bad facilitator. And I wonder. I I wonder if eventually Ito fast forward you know 1020 years from now if this does sit idea of a sabbatical. Would come into play because of maternity leave would it be determined completely separately. My experiences sabbatical as it traditionally and educational. Environment now and different companies have to. Sabbaticals. Or high tenured employees and they've been with the company for a long time and they need to break. Not for you get taken margaritas to go right at buckets to go. In times. When you're doing your passion whether that's volunteering in different countries or locally. Take sabbaticals earned the workplace today but I don't know that it's really addressing what this article a game average. I want the same rights and flexibility at that hearing that has different demand and I in my life. A leash I have got the solution of the problem and I know you do this for a living so. Apologize in advance and I'm about to embarrass you owned by I have guides and the greatest. Human resource is idea that is ever had to come here adding that the FK yeah the deal. Parents nobody needs a sabbatical time away more than parents especially. With super young kids like Jen. James got a six month old that three year old. She's the one who needs you just disappear for senate and I thought you shell and meditation and do yoga and drink wine and stuff like that right offensive years that I and a leadership goes into effect Amaro. Jane an employee like Jane can give her children to a nine child having employee on for a week and then disappear. And then the non child having employee will appreciate what it's like they're too little ankle biter runner out screaming all the time. And Jane get her time away. And then they can't see how relaxing that it yes so like it's I could grab a kid type and you just sort of bulletin board up their work a leisure thank me later that. Huge yes. I I completely agree and generally did did I cannot go in yeah. She now. Or one.