Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity - National Teacher Appreciation Day

Tuesday, May 3rd


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I love rejoices in the morning and. We appreciate that. Shall start now before you want and what. This this special edition of something we call and gratitude he freshen fruity you start your sentence well. Today. I am thankful for and you fill in the blank and you usually do on Thursday yet and it's just a way of start your day and it in a cool mindset and attitude of gratitude if you will while we wanna do that today because it's national teachers day our national. Teachers appreciation. Days we will open the phone lines that. Let anybody who has special teacher in their life share. That appreciation. With the world. World war. In stereo. And I want 94 Hyundai. Hey Kathy welcome to the show. I argue all we are great. We do it let's hear it today cat he is thankful for. Very thankful or. Greater teacher in my life and Guatemala. That's cool that it does she ever teach you in school. Not to do you go but she taught me a lot because she start college. In your eagle. If you retard teacher now he's 82. You started the principal. Unmarried or elaborate my life that thought turn six. Well that's constant beat gave me a lot and all my life. Not. Go to college you knew your thing. Yeah very ankle or the other won't. Jeff let me ask because your mom is a teacher yes and it is bad it make it easier or more difficult growing evidence teachers household. Because I'm guessing you can get away with less. You can get away with less because they know everything that's going on right but it is fun because after school was over we we just go to my mom's cluster. So and she was on the same hours as us so yes today I am grateful for Nancy happy. Hey me page in Atlanta what's that. Carl hey it's the nature you thankful for moral or thinking about it or. Which is a doctor black. Or apple or doctor paint. And what does she teach. Our armor or all of your studies and what grade. And third grade and what Nader and what Maynor says special. I don't know what I want an. Honorable. That thousand thank you so much fade or thank you. To have a teaching you were grateful for. The one that comes to mind is a guy named John the rose mr. rose and he was my science teacher and then I also. Went to. I took drama and he was the drama coach against. And he convinced me to play tennis which I always forget about because it was so bad that everything is that if you play sports and in school and again I played baseball for one year but that was it. But I predict I played tennis for two years we've. Mr. the Rose Bowl was so terrible. I have just blocked it out hey Rachel welcome to the show. Trying who were you thankful for I'm thankful for my teacher mr. Craig said he was like what great teacher. And here how to do it journal everything in the morning. I should write an IQ to try to keep our laws. And to react if there start each Clinton saying today Erik thank reports it's like we are executing that's awesome act I decided to Connolly can't help. That's very good what's really com what's his name again where did he teach. His name into the kicker this is chat aren't you try it out there. Intranet up. Very cool thank you so much. Hey stormy that's a cool name and what's that what's out. Hi I did want it I am a teacher and I'm actually grateful for that event like he checked NCAA. Marietta. Very call. Well I'm sure they're thankful for each year if you come to the customer every day without approached their death I think both Rio what Graham didn't. They make my day every day when I come up after a bet it would make it or thought and that. Thought that does the way. There's some teachers they now hate you because they have opposite. That takes I'd starring big yeah hey William welcome to the shell. I putted great to be thankful for bomb abortion and witty chief teacher what grade. Our it was ninth grade and it was something different charge cool and I'll. Burton bill Maryland. Very cool. Well thank you so what made her so special. Iowa to relish that so she dom they played well get back out. Our job at a school in albeit janitor she actually. Forcing it to our boosters bowl. And graduate. That Liaoning change your life so called short and that's really cool thanks to tell the story and I would definitely we appreciate it. Thank you wrote you about some of them thank you. Fiscal two Asian life. Teachers are big deal in our community do you deserve all that money that they made of rough it's not back there except insofar as I sarcasm. She now. Or one.