Midnight Munchies

Friday, April 29th


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Thanks for being a part of this. So it's all I ever eat in the middle of the night I do not. Not done that but. I can't column has been all of us here because I guess I'm trying to understand. And let what you go for all the for a foursome 419 to 400 if you do you and can explain that in middle of the night craving because is he sleep walk you saying he's not sleep walking eating this morning he admits because we have a thing with ice cream house. Like we love having ice cream and I had this thing right do you say that any you've got a big sweet tooth and so lately we've been trying to keep it out of the house. But then the other day we broke down buts and could using creams that in the house in the freezer and I think it just calls to land so. He tell you what criminal and I thirsty went downstairs again. A couple water right and while he's having a couple water. The cookies and cream is speaking to him from the freezer attack. Kentucky was like. And he was like shaking his head is going on I I made it I ate cookies and Raymond and all that I like. How it's. Because he can't not even in an elder and I do I don't understand this and them. Doing. Anyway you say you don't eat in the middle and I am not you can't explain it now though it doesn't make any sense. Chris Kelly's and here you Tyson and has crimes. Or is no laughing and you gotta get in the middle of an. I I will crush an entire row eleven doubles saw stuffed Oreo is 12:1 o'clock am so you can go to bed. News wait out the news. And then we'll generally have falsely. And in the living room okay and then I wake up and I'm like yeah. Man serial. He had yeah good immediately had to go right back to Matt eggs usually sleep so it's never anything like savory it's always. Cereal or cookies is usually something sweet but I thought it was because he was a sweet tooth. Honestly to me for sure but it's it's a midnight sweet you haven't had any. You can follow great back asleep and I could drink an entire Coca-Cola and might pass right back out. I don't I called coach can I can at midnight with like some peanuts or some them. A receipt oh my god it's just got to be that sugar craving in the oval that's like so if you're awake enough to be awake. You're like that sugar craving kicks in and you have got to have. I have heard of people who. Hoo take like sleeping pills and stuff like bill get out and they'll cut in entire meals in here and go back to bed. And then the next morning they wake up they know that memory ever but the next morning they wake up and they in the kitchen there's in the saint there's a dirty frying pan and they look at it. Is that gross like Mac and cheese on the side of the cotton came right. They realize that there's hamburger buns yesterday and when rooms on and I eat a hamburger in the middle and I. And I've heard that you like Ambien paying sleeping pills thing but yeah I know I didn't I didn't realize and middle of the night I think even you know if you're not on. Some sort of sleep aid hey Matt why can't via. Matt welcome and Asia they have gone without. Of course you second and I what do you do you do all the time I do it all the ammo clip reported to have bought. Took a little dark and stretch and capable or collections are you so when you wake up are you hungry. Yeah. Greater crater into it and. Is it usually see your real or sweets or something in the sweet family. You put something in between Stanley you pleased your credit eating but there's a stack cookies they're they're gone. Lot of guys here red pen back. You have no different than expected. Are you did up until ten so yeah. I think so they call that. Every kid there no problem Jan it is certainly not unusual there are a lot of people who do those who eat in the middle all the lucky yeah Hayes sell them the show. Okay. I'm so they haven't put in protein and everything and so I definitely have that and make an epidemic of what a crack and I ate yogurt. Pushing protein is evident in it for the next thing and you only know what that means if you cross it to write an am not a nightclub co Fatah. What I think dissing his younger it's full of sugar so that's a sweet craving to. Right click click of a sudden I guess that's that's what we and I don't wanna eat like chocolate bar that I go. Eating yogurt. I wonder what doctor would say that we knew expert for this topic. Because it's it's the sugar craving that people are satisfying and now I. I would make the argument that your husband is in better shape than that all of us so if cookies and cream at 1 AM is the secret so looking like grant. You're down a set my alarm tonight. Yeah yeah.