Listeners to Nick: Don't Do It!

Thursday, April 28th


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Justin didn't show you show Vizio. To join the conversation I had 4047. Before hundreds on the sign any moral law and. Just sergeant nick. Think his proposed until Lori nine times. Every year on her birthday for the past nine years. And he'd just joined listed. Explain why he's okay with her saying. Maybe. Reshape buffalo that maybe it's just give in to pitch him maybe if you change your clothes maybe he changed. Jail. Then Khamenei Marriott as it sees that they Jordan I call for macro puts out. Current rule I am I think what he's doing and really sweet but I also find it a little extra and he doesn't let pat and then. I don't think he'd ever again as say yes no matter what he does. It's unconditional right should be good condition all I can almost be might be elated game to her like me that's even get him to view this. You know me being with that makes it even more behind it totally makes it creepy ear hey aryan incoming yeah. I'll I don't I'm completely democratic ballot I mean he. Whenever he loved and Harris stepped it fictional as his self the scene he had a hole he wrote self esteem. And it seems incredibly heartbreaking to see somebody with a K with being somebody else's consolation prize. Oh yes that's exactly it and it's it's great things line calling Aaron true love is this fictional is itself a school well that. Well under the roast enjoy your video. That's the main thing Carrollton okay. Our other modern raid in you a little were little blown away by a mix. Agreeing wave with Lori read whatever it needs their own right. Well yes and understand. I mean I have been on nick shot I have been on a one shot his glove where are scared fetish out so much. Yes you know where more may get idea he had you know it's late idea that he wanted me to Wear skills are learned to walk in heels. Quite well while an optional girly girl would not me but I chose to change everything he's done and select. Quiche deal would not be literally nowhere award in church. And you don't like it for the bashed in the long lines because here I am I don't fourteen years until marriage were mentioning am largely a matter of black. Think you know for kids together can't hatchery anymore I mean it is a journey it is ultimately his decision. I hate me just my pain and of course it's mind may catch not work there at the age she doesn't care treat you the way which you always want our. Thank you for the call Samantha appreciate it. Hey Kelly in Marietta. Try and come back again to their Ali. I'm at the lately saying that at their only if he does that. There's not there's not been laid about it briefly at the at Bennett what are they hear that nine year after your pop. He definitely affect our Ian. Is it now. Kelly is an Arab Sasser is it shows maybe he's just persistent. Now I think that it he whenever a different game and they can hate it the stay down he steps it that there aren't parents or parent or is. I don't care how it is money here and he let in have to be reciprocate that she is not about all of that. Is she not a track that they can't eat she won't ever be able to fill that need it'll never beat each well it will never are are just accept that. Well I don't think at any of these calls dissuade him like he's hung around for eight years and I'm guessing you have a great question it today and I'm guessing his family has probably say to all different versions of that you would think so right. But they see his love for me so head over heels and I think she's right a little bit adds asked. It's become a pattern for him my diseases pattern of thought all right time is Lori Lori Lori Lori Lori. He can't even animal world without her yeah we got to put it on a list for late Steve aid. To call him. Every. Ten days engines get an update. And when there's something significant had him back and check reckoned with them like Arab maybe weekly or every maybe it's every Monday morning he'll just call off the there and I have to weekend what's going on as a there are going to see if there's anything noteworthy animals will follow this it's usually do before and after pictures tale. Hamachi Craig has one season and in and jammed for you you're exactly like her real name. And then when she dumps and we can use the after pictures to find him at all hot chick that. And Jen jolly does.