Calls on Your Husband Did What?!

Tuesday, April 26th


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One. Jesse James shall I can't believe my husband thought that's was that good idea Hague Kelly in Dallas and Seattle. Say well he wasn't actually over my head and plus it's unfair but they seem like levees to let me tell you asked if I had a baby with him and I did not marry me. And I'm ready made one bet that it's. A nice yeah. Actually let my son when he was for years old right on the back promoter Michael Richards and and that video on. I feel. Like go eat my. Hero all. And now owned and. All right some questions not that they matter little line that. How far was its Q church. They're really about you're pretty mild but it was not a main highway. Did he have on the helmet he did have on a helmet I haven't helped. That would what happened to me at. And then I think and then a question about. You finding out about it where you like to meeting him at. Church or did you just happen to be looking at aids but in there was. No I did that happen to be drawn on this. Yeah that would actually after the fact they put it everybody laughing about it here. If you killed him and I would judge in the case I'd say for easy. I don't know if she killed her baby's daddy patents under CA behave Gloria Marietta what's out. Carl I am. I had been it would be a good idea that when our child that you may corn and you're at a restaurant shake harper and her faith which I am encouraged me. And it's stat that ever gotten her eyes and a key we can cook for quite awhile. Now where you sitting across from him at the restaurant did you see this all play out like in slow motion or. And yes exactly I think I was licking and encourage or he could. Why do you makers use our he thought it would be on. Bronze to restart pass phrase I thought it would be funny yeah I went and I. I tried blank I mean what what. Thank you so much for the call glory. Start before one.