Carrie was Ghosted by Darren

Tuesday, April 26th


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He's a local all its Sears local shop. What a concept or eight year old boys so. It's done in 841. Ghost hunting is our weekly segment where gen franks down those. Who have mysteriously. Disappeared with no explanation they just. Danish from your life we have found people who had a weeklong flames and then poof it vanished into thin air. We've had people who work co workers and then one person just disappeared neighbors who have moved away and today. We talked to carry about a terrific date that she had that is. Where. We talked to carry about a terrific date that she had an engages in Connor back hey Carrie. Hey hey thanks for colonists. Yeah probably for like all right so tell us about your dates. Well. Yeah they went out and we dad compete and they never talk when we went across history and part it. I don't we talk we had a really good time and and then look at my house not for anything weird but like. He needed a phone charger and I have a bunch of iPhone chartered. Questioned it it all work related like I. Yeah I heard that you're saying that every everybody's got a friend you can hook them up with some and if you are our friends you meet those phone charger hook up person. Are totally out of head to heads out settled. Yet even definitely 4% battery and yet cartel that. So what well you know if someone over and I'll grab one and then. And we did that and well he kidney and then he left and and that doesn't the next day like entropy all of the Dayton. He didn't check back but then I should add that. Expect him said that Yahoo! had a great weekend and it's. He just applied it was beautiful. There was nothing else is so bad it's only one happened. So hagee isn't he in the first place. While OK. So this kid I mean. It could just ban a impersonating co owner that. He was in film the same way if I hate and love the belief hi Jen and Canada where you stand on this but I'm of the belief the don't know person. An explanation after just one date. We usually not mean. You're always curious and you wanna know why it didn't happen again. But I think the person doesn't know you want to feel like they owe you an explanation and they sort of feel bad for giving. This is probably physical attraction I if there's a physical attraction that's prowling wire first state doesn't go into a second one. Who was hotter you or him. And all of Oden. I mean. While hiding at their question is. That's an answer. But it's I mean it's. And if I hit him that I felt like I don't think that I am you know they're looking back. I think he and it sounds like you know I am so whenever I. I mean I'm thinking of romance and I thought that. He thought he would not like the conversation we're having an active part and then he can't meet at the end of the night I didn't billions for anything either like. Even about it so. He isn't. Okay about it. I don't get into really strange to me they are eight and our conversation that. He isn't getting back to make that step up. If fire or in your shoes I would think that he's dating multiple people out on time and he's just been busy on whatever Saturday c.s on I'm. Now and it that's the case and we do you make this phone call it could ruin future. Chances with him so. It's not like he's the only person that I am. What I've beaten and I don't see anybody else but like where. It was it first aid. But that's not really the issues need it more like. It was hot out really good time together we really didn't click and then. Just not what. I well here's where words I give us 24 hours we will spend the next 24 hours convincing him to c'mon witnessing and give an explanation and you get to listen in on that explanation. And you'll get your answers. When radio oh. Cole well wall all right thanks for you for sharing your story with a Jeff indenture we sure do appreciate it. Start before one.