Listeners Give Jenn Parenting Advice

Monday, April 25th


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You have this show should really be called the jazz and chanting usually how does he can't do it without you call looks from world war seven. You 400. Is selling 941. Survey has got wisdom Fauria Jenn hobby thank goodness. I mean and fairly and Jillian and Leslie your calls are coming up in his second what are people saying and social media Kelly's and CEO this. So we do have a dozen people agreeing with Jim about it is donated to it kinda have a positive discipline. One of our girls says Jane says she agrees that Jana songs it's positive. It helps your child develop confidence to handle problems. And a disappointment hash tag life lessons we'll pleasant dad's coming and the thing I tiles that he just can't help there because his daughter is his princess. So I think that's kind of moment that you'll that we need GM could become a vendetta he says it's good to have the disciplinary parent. In a pushover because it helps to balance your child out hash tag good cop bad cop. Hey I didn't. I need a welcome to the show it's out. Hate when. When doctor Rivera was the principal ought to Campbell my daughter Hanna what a student there and I just wondered what he would have done or what he would have been invited to teacher to do. Yes. And I had been its. Wow she knocked it right I guys she makes a good point that what do you. Oh you can't apply the same rules officials are higher than that way anyways if you can't just sit him down and go hey. Drag out com grant come doctorate Aaron Barry doctor Rivera here. You're doing it a valuation of grants. I ain't what would you say that's true yeah I'll give him an evaluation. I Caspian stone mountain sat. Well let me tell you have it and I'm bored into the situation of being the disciplinarian with my husband he brought that crazy schedule worked the night you know where Hyundai forcefully saying when he gets Tom he travels. Well I would sport and that being the disciplinarian. But when he would be in the next and he'd be how about. He put the hammer down so we hit disciplinarian than our. How what a terrible home. And the quiet we did not handle it the same way with a little chocolate I was where. You know I'm I think that you know they believe that I was a little more fair. But we definitely have to disciplinarian that are how I survived they're seventeen and eighteen. I don't really want kids I wonder if that's the thing I wonder if both parents. Always think that they are the better parent secretly do you think honestly and treats them he out or let a bottle line. Do you think your better parent yeah well totally not what he's a complete caregiver left this entire weekend and hear her seven month old a three year old and wrapped it they were tot trot. And then head they did all kinds of stuff all weekend and I didn't agree yeah it's it's an even better caregiver than I am. But I do feel like when it comes to discipline category I feel like I'm like. I'm better you Sherri is better caregiver is I would be willing to bet that lower and eat her body weight in ice cream. This week likely play that they that I hey guys get. Hey Julian what's out. Kind of say oh it's always backed it and provide the united front we. We might always agreed my husband and I were banned disciplinary and develop talk about it on that back side that at this bickering and our. I thought that I would be this soft because in my house grown up with my mom that was the softly my dad that was the tough one. But it feels like in my house now our war liberals are totally reverse. And he lives in coming to him. 8. O'clock tomorrow and I would definitely been shot and hit meaning that against each other yeah. After I appeared tired they get it back up what it any light. I'm glad the court how that argument well yeah because our kids to respect me at the and our. If you get them. And I don't I'm not like they act act now he looked and it that you that your mom. It. And I act each day and what I or Al. Thank you just need Clinton defer all decisions a year on two week. Florida and two week rob Moore getting Covington you give me the last golf. Well I really don't agree it's time out I don't think it honestly doesn't evening sir children India and and the true. I think people's did. So the kids get to get your affliction if you don't get what they do that says yeah they're very old are they don't worry. Oh my god you think we're a good discussion we're having is that grant can't keep his. Daughter sitting in a chair for more than thirty. You think we're gonna escalate this level are you go to the woods and pick out some this bank or bottom well yeah. Hero Jackie Kennedy that. Start before one.