Jenn is Tired of Being the Bad Cop

Monday, April 25th


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He's a local all its fear and local shop. What a concept or eight year old boys. Sony saw one I totally get this gen I completely understand half because. I know they've wed have become a daddy. If I have a girl or girls. They are gonna own me. Totally my frames kids cared only a great athlete and they come up to me where I'd like their church clothes and then like mr. I've that I take my agent like every Diego whatever you want every I'd probably aren't dotted with candy what are you line. Well if one parent and your household is the disciplinarian and the other one's a total pushover than anything completely relate to what is going on in my house because. I have been forced into the disciplinarian. Role not because it's my choice but because my husband can't. Now let me just can't play our oldest is three. And you know that there in the column three teenagers where there three years old and act like teenagers so either get independent at that point which is great he wanted to be totally independent but. The ill sassy and they had to learn in mind all that stuff that I have here in the timeout phase. And I have been forced into being the disciplinarian. Well I've quit before leaving it on this could have just parenting questions. And every. Two parent household. Is there a pushover and disciplinary. That's a question I would love for you tell OK I don't I don't know we never done this before I got an expert in this world 4047419400. Egan answered back. Because your feeling like rate now. He is getting owned by decades and that means you've got to be hammer all the time that I eight U. Well actually works the other way around a guy who actually like. The discipline another sounds really weird Amman and know that sounds really weird but I feel lake. She won't mind me more casinos I'm gonna follow thrill. So that's that was sort of the difference okay basically he just can't do the time helping like we have walked through it. But the other day she was not minding and he wondered comments items that you know it's hard rain on the flight out later sharp play outside forever and ever but it at some point you gotta go to bed I know your struggle Lauren gave him bad mud slide out socks I added there. They study examines as you wouldn't come inside and then she started like blond man's very adamant. Like the three year old rebel went on to say now that's flipping him off so he was an a hole like I. I'm an account material what they did the giants you don't you're gonna go to time out so he walks inside and out yes he's gonna do it he's really weren't out. And he each time out for I'm guessing thirty seconds. Thought Barry mouths and then he was like okay well this is being no masons and just wanted to see Nevada only. It out at your own. So explain to me timeout because backlit at a matinee. I would just get and as Lebanon sentiment room right zone timeout is the sit in a big to have to sit in the chair in the corner. I ever myself is different there's a certain you know chair that cache timeout chair and we putter and it she's gonna sit there. And what's the amount of time until she stops being hysterical. Because anytime you like trying to put the minute timeout they certainly whaling crime at least an answer it's like you know very sure that. 'til she you know it's just sit there alone until you know and or something was given a certain amount of time. And this time seems to work for her sheets answered it's quiet then I go and say. Are ready to have talked now officials say yes and like Tyler exactly what Iran exactly the infraction. I know you can do better thank you moms on call for the book advise as a follow to retreat. And and an agent Carter and I love you and then it's gone and it's over what you can light. Concern that seeing that. That's the time out method that you do and branches which he does that so cute yes his. She just looks since its and he says she's tired he'll get an excuse like pain she's tired is long DH all the great now. The Daily Show welcome to dish out. And I are odd guy James struggle and I'm dead unfortunately haven't got married in fifty. Yeah I understand that been there done that without I can say they have does that. I agree to a deal. I'm glad I have do you get now they're pretty much extra bright morning college and one that not a college at this point and I can say they have is that even meg sure that it's Lanier amount they don't want it there I'll attempt you are right there were I'm. Any family from. So that's how was it your family there is why there is there is a hammer and there is a bluff Missouri where ten. I like I would the hammer out one that Alex ended their flight runaways and they were little. There are always blended at the graduate deal with the pressure ever but I can tell you there is flight data that travel because once they learn all that. There are don't want it don't look back at mom and say wow I had a good mom you know. How did you just gotta wait eighteen years he's an active they Jennifer welcome to the chef Kai chase I've heard. What's going on what to comment regret. I I have three daughters at the end when they're younger. Say I have they're picky about the bar at the end. Yeah hurt my older putter tell her friend. If we what I'm saying you have to ask dad yeah not mom. Now all of a product as they figured out pretty quick to give this yeah you may notice something. I hear her little marcher little tiny feet into the next room and Astrid had the exact same question she did they got trapped. Says she's like my head of Bob's big I am out now just had a cookie yet many here. And concert tickets also read about it he's like OK. And sit you know. Sure thing in the backyard five minutes later having a pat popsicle I did the front lines are lit up 404741. 9400. Jen needs advice. And how ticked off enough. Her big softy has been to do and who just needs to get one little puppy dog glanced from their daughter and he gives him. Start before one.