Chilli Plays When the Beat Stops

Wednesday, April 20th


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Full time this week she's on this dog now. Does this tell. Yeah Studio One of our favorite people in the world Chile from DL CC is here thinning out that the talk about an event she's been a Saturday at Macy's Atlantic spokesperson Jeff. Got big plans for her. We have a game that we play and the show. Called when the beat stops in the beefed up and all it's so easy hand yeah and when things. Like every says simple and it's actually kind of hard to do today. So we're we're gonna have we're we're gonna do three quick rounds of three songs yeah. Marino will play a song he stops it. And we just have to saying the next line of lyrics. That sixth OK and there's they're always come easy enough friends that seems you very easy so. So Maria what is our category. Because Shelly is our guest today at a category today is all Georgia artists so long the should be. An easy million thank perfect okay it's not the easiest. This out a trip I chilly you go first NBA and and you get a chance to answer okay you don't think you can pass to the next. A person and their okay all right so the first one is Zack brown band. Bring policy. Not starting well as the endgame you know after Jan left the other show and then before she came here she worked at the country station. So she's definitely is this is a son now is okay. And you're ready bring it carried out. Woods Palin. Has grown man's sudden ground. And did a bid to dig. In jeans on and. Yeah yeah and I can. It into the top half and parents wait maybe you've got to see what can I here to end up. Palin. Just grown man's. The ground. A little bit fatigued. Pair of jeans that fit just right as. OK a lot of loans. Yeah right gender yeah. It's an unfair advantage and now I don't know how how how does not see my version was like the remakes. The only reason I am on Larry hearing or seeing was way back. Can't even read it the only reason Chile got Iran is because you can read lips and down there. Like American pants is that I how are some type. I have Murat. No this is your eye yet as you're gonna really do their I doubt he's an outcast so it's not okay. If I got to stop the fighting that. Yeah. Now determined to make did daughter cracked. Elena yeah. I got a solo an easy. You know couldn't drag Jeff. Agent yes and this one's from non appearance he'll seek. God. So here is a pressure. The dresses underneath the bed and miss. Trying to Holler at me. Yeah. Said. Got dad's pull my headphones made out of so yeah. I've got a lot of pressure. Sorry yeah yeah I hold my breath for you I can hear if I can even look at shell. Let me get Theron who. And around once you learn Jenny is due Jeff has won Chile yet to get on the boards at it again against remixes don't count. OK so. Round two he acted Chile the most unicorn generate Lindsay star usher. I have not fair. Yeah. Amman. In the N had the error please yeah. Blond man he's probably listening right now I'm even not related sons in unglazed loans is not delayed so how quiet usher read here. Yeah netstat yeah yeah I'm sure you won't be fine. You define. Fairness. Not. Give float. Barry goes up. And he says he uncertainty. Mark this down at the moment we found out that Chile's really competitive. And not have gotten out by the way I don't really think it didn't seem that wrong for forever and the guys they realized I don't know. I don't know what I was is that is what I don't think I was. I would sink gets love two is a move I'm. You're really seeing him. I thought I saw you want you can have fun and yeah I'm about my rounds I'm law. The slowness in the DC DC's that's next in their IV to z.'s best on you lay ahead as Vernon until it. Very attack. And bring your jukebox. We enough as it is now about I would be neat thing or you. A. I game Chile NI HF one Jan in the lead with three what's a summary you know ray charles' Georgia on my mind and move. I. Jones yeah I. Is Andy I'm actually running as well. May name. A different plans that are yes and I'm happy I was lies to play any legislative and their answer. And. New world you know you're. The name of the site is Georgetown my mind I miss the world. I. It's. And around sooner I'm Jan as three in history yes Chile has to. Kevin and though you yes wine yes yes wine primate every question in this round here where it's at three points each of the score ray now I have one point. I'd surely you have as few points Jane is in the lead with three points. Marino. What is the first song fortunately. We got Kenny Rogers the gambler. I love can't even though I don't know this. At the duels you've got. Yeah yeah. I don't know. Well the. Would sit net table. There will be time. I'm movie time and. Women's. Let's turn and a movie. JS five Janice three I have. One hit yeah but three point sun Jan came Jen gets sealed. I used to have. He's the car it's time. Exact and I played again I think at this time. I'd I don't know. And in the end I I get to you say the first time I advised both air giant home hand. What is it change in my pocket wasn't enough with an answer. Say that. Zero halftime. Our plan song and I. Hi sir at this point about chilly wind but that's just for respect to seamen close the gap play the final want the gets a collective soul. Giant. Kevin let your light shine down. And. He's. The love that exists in a system of the down did the system I'll let downs. The assistant of a doubt yeah deal to be obese song. You know I'm talking about come on yes he did a system woman down and says that. Yeah a BYLB. That is is it amenable to a new orders that class is not is not nailed. But you should know this song. Is really rock out is when you are incredible just go crazy you know let my son actually induce me to he placed in drums to yeah to it and it starts out while crazy he's. Like he's just like three minutes up but then these section and the hook. Is unbelievable like the change is crazy. And it's this there. Things I would not again. You know what's fun about. That is. Is our boss Tony going to replay system of a gallon and it I. Dan did we did Harry talk. We did do that Chile kickoff Jolie's got many layers to her leg she mentioned that she's a fan Kenny Rogers united yeah estimate of a down at love down you towel and I would have pegged you are you're are you still hardcore wrestling fan yes let every Monday night I would get on Twitter right. And tweets and pop up about Monday night raw from Chile yes like hot leg hard core yeah but you know the characters yeah. Trying to your answer your son get your answer iso watch him now as a kid and then you know you have kids in these are watching what they lie so make sure is okay and so I got back into the because of him.