Kyle Promposes to Shelby

Monday, April 18th


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I'm Michelle should really be called the jazz and chanting you show those we can't do it without you and lots of world war so. These 400 thanks for making. Is showing 941. I feel bad for JP from from drug testing and take off in the afternoon shelf. Because we just told us that on his prom night the girl that he is he took the problems. Ditched him. To go hang out with friends despite him being crowned king and then we have asked him do his sister they prom related. Segment this morning what a four opening old wounds. You can be crying out there to hear you okay. You have guard Derrick Richard particular billboard dot. Out here. Is that the it's pretty high. Dicey out Agassi yeah I don't get run over mainly playing a lager and traffic out there hey. And you're not encouraging gives you did say your prom ask involves people taking off their shirts you know we've got emailed. You're gonna keep your shirt on right. Our border. Okay perfect fit. They use they use they covered up hang on 12 hole please now let's grab Kyle who is actually in the car. With his prom dates now the concept is that Ohio. Borrowed one of our billboards asking girl to go to the Campbell high school prom. And I'm one of our billboards it saves one. Shelby we will have a dog gone good timing college coma but first prom. Question mark from. Hey Kyle. Have you seen the board. I want. Everybody you or I thought volleyed. And every major decision shell way. I think I have cook. And year decision is thought. Well. Actually yeah Malaysians. To. Congratulations Kyle and well done if you're a better radio show we would have had some fanfare or something like that and all we've got his. All right thank you feel like you know we really appreciate it. I I don't think you'd forget about and I think it's what you think when you thought it. I supplies that he actually got that there anyway. It was it was as low. Now Carlos I didn't have them on the door it is a picture review and Kyle is it an okay picture review because obviously. You proved okay is that. All but only thing is that I OK so I'd never really realized how many billboard there where armed on the highways now get back. What you get look you know like Dwight setting sail to make sure that the billboard there. I don't looking and it it just kept going garlic waited at. I hope that I thought she might not be the bad. Our crews if you're an idiot like. It's gone terribly bad at W look. Perfect. Well congratulations. Enjoy your prom is this Friday or Saturday. Saturday this Saturday. Will happy prom. Yeah okay thank you know why you're gonna spartans. Can gradually options. Yes or Beckett so much I appreciate. You all congratulations Shelby got a good man there. And go dogs would CEO so what's the what's the board. Think engines is against him what they're both they're both going UGA next year and has confirmed so it's it's Shelby you will have a dog DA WG. Doggone good time in college but first prompt. From Kyle and she said yes congratulations he had.