Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 23

Thursday, April 14th


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Jeffrey. Almost every day rate after this show transit center and do it every single day. And this is odd Nikkei is I have a memory gen Abbas hanging out together yeah it's Fuzzy. And you'd just brought something up it's connected to that memory you have always wanted to ask you to connect the dots for me okay guy. So here's amen to tell you what I remember. I need to talk about what time of life and we're and it yeah I was just some contact I was I was single. It was. Bob I was very single bright freshly single freshly newly single recently divorced I was single. And I believe. That in one of the first girls that I dated when the first two women. That I dated in this single phase. Right. Had an in arresting. Issue do you think of guys in the fact that I did what he's watching you since retired I don't know I don't. How to say there are true the fact she should they have. She should have to eased. Leave it okay do I talk about where it's fiction ten. She should do she should it. Where there would be should be no business and being longer hairs. Third they're urges the wives okay. Their boobs okay half African and just leave it there this could get under her bikini top I don't source summer. Yeah so I wanna go too far and that is so let's just leave that there that's there that's okay I how long. If stop here's the here's the question. I remember. Yep. Coming to meet EU. That. Sister Louise says. Do you leave he church church of paying them the living room and pinned on emporium nurture the living room in pain programme sister Louise is. Every Gaza church yep okay. So I came MAU and a bunch of your girlfriends at church and I think it was after error. I head. Like I had dinner or something with this girl yeah ands. You guys are questioning why is at the time a single guy. I would go out with a girl and then Belle to come hang with a bunch of friends but one guy would do that. Rang especially female friends like says he would trading in a shore thing. To hang with a I saw us Fiat and news. I remember earned. Telling the story of why I could never. Hang out with her and that way yen. And the legs the whole group of people. Laughing very hard at my anxiety about this situation here's I don't remember. Remember who is there. I don't remember what the occasion was. I don't even really remember the rest of the story that I told you but you referenced in multiple times since then hit it but the problem was. I I did probably but Hanoi over there. Yeah I definitely X and I definitely you were home until after I was at. So it's foggy this little funny for me see you all remember is that astonishment. On your face when you were telling the story because. My girlfriend and I were sitting there and you know kind of I remember even really are you on Monday on the did yeah and I we were ants. We're a bar yeah I remember staff member exactly I can walk back in their today and I can tell you rate Agassi and we were we are standing. I know different Jamie was there now I remember Jamie and I want to say Kim and was still okay. He already a circle around me. Grilling meat is who's one of the first states that had gone and I think yes and it was just look of shock and horror title are all based. Telling the story. Discovering. That that was there yeah men and maybe way that you described it. Like you really. We all fell out we just lost as of funny yeah. I mean it was just today is that something that would they have men has to be dealt with. So sad yeah. I feel like that should be a class and and I think guys. What are you have a right to vote but yes. Yeah. I mean human beings have hair all over their body right yeah we just are better and grooming Mitt typically the man armed rights and we you know have things and you know played laser hair overeating get ugly and get it all removed and you know taking care of whatever that might just be an area that she wasn't aware of that she needed ten groom. That might have been an area know what she wasn't aware of that's your Mac and and infant. All right. Yeah I think maybe she just wasn't aware that there can be very aware of a random one you know pops up here and they're just like Wheldon. Where I've come from yeah well that threw me for a loop. And I think it depends on inherited students net. Parentage. It's definitely lowered Amber's they have night and then what else to meeting that night. I'm remembering and I'm sure it was really fun now yeah we had a great time best time ever about the open in the picture. Think Jeffrey Jones Shia all star in 941.