Jenn Working Out

Thursday, April 14th


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I'm having the most difficult time and I need advice on wind. Do you find time to exercise. I got big year. The zoo you know based right here in Norcross sent me these also running shoes I'm so excited to break commitments time out there some cool. And I got to look the same exact way a week from now would probably a laces I'll try to you have a tie up releases a new issues and staff. Probably MM maybe even be still sitting on my desk and just really struggling with finding the time to I would love your guidance and advice if you have figured out a portion of your day or use sneaking an exercise. And and you know I have Sanjay doctor Sanjay Gupta from CNN's weighs in my head every day just. Just my roof move our bodies may need to move and I mean it's just really really struggling with finding the time and I feel like it's the topic of conversation I have with all of the women in the office here we're like. You know and they were like what about when and I'm trying to help me figure out I just don't feel like I have the time and the data squeeze them but I know you can do it I love you see him out of people who do you have like ten market than me. It just I just rally and have that I'm Oprah Winfrey and beyoncé have the same number of hours in the day that you do look okay he can't just keep that mind Barack Obama same number of hours and today you do. That's true tank fail suggests. 700 today and I know a lot of personal assistant that's valid I think that look at celebrity's name lately I don't wanna I don't wanna know a celebrity's work out greeting to they got a staff of 25 people make in their life happened here right as I would the normal people normal people who have normal just like guys who are making it happen and work everyday so for a foursome 419 to 400 if you like that. Give me a tipper a bit of advice on to squeeze in an exercise his. I think it's just about. May be changing my priority and got the motivation I wanna get fit I wanna get in shape I wanna lose Actuate from having the baby. I've got to close now. To shoot and she. I just am trying to figure out of wind in the day people work. Well issues aren't gonna walk themselves so you just have to just hat you have to make it. A priority him and that an obvious and suggestions as an alien looking around this building. And you are some of these involved physical fitness the address them I they got YQ. What do you do well you don't wanna know died when I was in my half a minute trap line yeah and it before Russia. Yet so and yeah I know a lot of parents have told me you have to give in early in the morning girls they slips away from. So do you have any sort of create a get a bit that T ethernet depending on how tried to run and wind which you bootable. Eight you go to detonate it at 2:30 am and I'm from our. Or two or she says doing time on. I wanna get that app that right now. Hard literally let them Jim that I went to well as the M. Lifetime isn't Sandy Springs in the pool opened at 4 AM at when you first in the pool of it and and then just come straight Gordon shower there and everything so I could question do you own a bit tight tracker I don't you do it that's number one get one today it is. Because I'm this is meek is saying no you yen and a thick bit it's it's almost a joke that that's on the fitness tracker BK is. It's now. I mean it counts things as work out that shouldn't even be report outspoken and rightly view gap and bring them into the vending machine go to different steps of blog those. Many combat you're Snickers doesn't doesn't count the Snickers brightly you purchase it ought however. Because I know you you can set dates. Four I think the deep ball this 101000 steps and today. And what will happen is you who will be sitting in your couch. And yield for your kids to better we hang out we've we've brand before the kid's gonna and you look he would thing you realize. And 8400. Steps the stance that ten minute walk. To get those extra 15100 steps succeed and that's my goal at the topic is in his stroller and you know walk down to the end of the street. The only. Turn around a lot back 9800 stabbed him rack and walk around your house you walk around your backyard four times and yet. It sounds dumb but it's just it they'll make you move that reminder to keep moving I'm always curious suit like I I would love to have a fit it in order to figure like how many sets of my taking right now. Yet today fascinated disease that if you sitting on the Catholic I don't I don't think. Go to target and you're only it's like I don't I don't ever except for when we're here at work. Go go to Terry and get Wednesday it has the information on it fascinates me Josh and wonder what's up. Art rage does. Or windy putted in a. Well I actually do that why there are about. A mile from my work and I walked to mile. Every every day watched but my mom actually work cut off the going at pebble or if they're everyday. Okay we'll floral am on the sixth floor right you'd want to lobby American couple times can they go and then he dividend deep ice that sits there locked and what is that is that Edinburgh is I mean. Because I have doctor duped and my mind telling us to get brick sweat watching what everyday walking six flights of stairs. Down and up again I'd I might I might actually be sweating out blood. I want to announce at this. Stage Jennifer and Q oh it's out. I carry that sort of your week. Angela I actually I work out that evening but what allowed me to work out evenings and on Sunday I spent the entire day doing better now. Yeah it looks like dinner to cut and definitely look the cut and but I found a lot of really day. Crock pot meal done tiny bit. You know I'm afraid there and then after that crock pot in the morning Andy. We edited yet right afterwards and come on any better. Okay that's really genius you're right it is about food prepping to and we were just having that discussion last night I was on my husband Graham like. Do not make any plans for Sunday afternoon and Sunday night grocery store and we got to do you sir we get through probably gonna cook stuff we got to get it all together. And then your week goes so much better if you that I and you may be will. Find the time I have to tell you bad and we we have 4474194. Do we take more calls we'll get the semantic games here at saint but I try to save it. My fiance cal is very well intentioned with. The food prep and eating healthy as we both dressed. In addition shape for the wedding day yet and yet this is ours and we both need to get into shape and it's me. Sushi made it crock pot full of this chicken super how featured in this okay. I am I must a third of the track if of it. All rate out of the club forward. Like he did he give that is there at 4 PM and turn it down below it five. Back. Eight at all at five all I got paid so much of it 4047419400. Advice for Jan.