Jeff and Jenn Show Listeners Give Julie Advice

Friday, April 8th


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So making the switch to the justice shall our nation are so the dilemma Julie and her husband are having is that may think that. Their potential son and lie is gonna come over to the house this weekend and ask for permission to marry their daughter. And if I understand Jolie correctly and Julie correct me if I'm wrong. But you don't think your daughter the short version is you don't that your daughter is good enough for this boy even though they've been together for six years. I mean they have like step that part this year I had. Basically. In a roundabout way yes. Got it now right let's. Let's go to the phones as they say Caron in Alpharetta area and well thank you you're talking to Juli go for it. Generally we all as a mother myself you know we can't try our children great it all their life. When you find the prince charming that they love your daughter unconditionally a fact of life. Keeping celebrate that this is what we always want our total length is to have a happy ever after. He loved her all her fault. You know you could reportedly excited he should be celebrating that will incorporate all exceed our act. You didn't think it was or the effort got. And you know. I agree with you there I'm just afraid. He's gonna hit it to dinner at she is going to hold. Not live up to his standard than its gonna make her feel that I did think there's going to be more compatible for her I'm not knocking our. You know that we ensure it can take its proud no but because she's there of course we supported. Or yeah. Trade debt he's a little too many expectations for her she's not going to be able to hell. I don't know I I don't know I could be wrong. Hey Katie in Carter's now what's he got. I think he won a yearly check so much out not I'm not happy that all our hour and a lot at net. Let my rate cut in the right at my dating back forty years. We. Top. Out a laundry out our weeks. He hit Berry I eat. They they get an ear. Out. Out out and we cannot be happier and we. I'm Rick I I didn't hanging out. Yeah. Sometimes that makes sense thanks KD. And Sydney in Logan bills have something to say about their take Sydney. We are gonna pay my husband and I had a short romance and now we're married and you would really Babbitt Peter Anthony Durham before me but now he's grown up a lot of them and that it takes someone you love can make you wanna be about a per cent. What is Peter and a Senator Edwards. It can't I don't wearing never wanna grow up and have a responsibility. I'm such a fat kid a federated peanut butter. I like political theater and it. I think they had a bit of a man child and a half a lane and Fayetteville has some advice for Julie hey Elaine. I'm. On T Erie Erie here a lot out here is that. Yeah. And are. But what. Their adult in UNY how are. Always an error how ought ill at Al how are. All art. Will mommy be very careful. In early. In the pot. Then she met that rate there's the challenge is what are you saying without meeting. But your own Goddard well I'm Elaine said be careful I'm gonna go one step further and they'd be quiet. You say thing about it this is a young man who loves your daughter wants to marry her is a special time in their life in your room. Jessica in Atlanta you can be the last colonists just so we have somebody from the opposite side. Okay well I'm having got then they won't go that's my parents both and unfortunately. They did you not ill at that and did not tell me. And I you know I tempered not quite well. Sometimes. Bump and think it very ago. So I would never know that in the moment though that's only in hindsight that that. Becomes true if your relationship doesn't work out and you get divorced and you look back at it you say. Now my parents knew that that was never gonna work you you would never believe them in the moment that it's happening right because if they came here and say don't don't lose anyway you guys do it anyway and it's gonna ruin your relationship that parents like. Kids to learn and on their own right you can't do it for her Julie. You can't afford him they're gonna make this decision which are without your blessing. But you know. Eight Julie was more we use send our producer David de email over the weekend and let us know what happens. And accelerate and that of its worthy of an update we have you back I'm here at the same time Monday morning. Sure I have yeah crack I get good luck I'd vote go to town I think you just disappear you go to the beach and say hey you know what. Don't need to be around town for this he comes vaccinated or push now for week. I'd say keep your mouth shut smile and nod here to go out of town every weekend for the rest your life and the answer.