Should Julie Give Her Blessing?

Friday, April 8th


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She now. Or one. Jen wedding bells there in the air. The rice will be thrown. Him I guess is the balloons will be released right as the race goes engines. The bird seed will be thrown one young man is gonna approach his future father in law this weekend in same I have. Your daughter's hand in marriage she is the one for me forever. That's. He won the most nerve racking conversations ever remind me sometime and I'll tell you about when I talk to. My current PNC's parents and kind about it I went over to their house in an accident and I talk on the radio every day in front of these demons out that dozens of people think and then. I I do comedy shows in theaters in front of thousands. And the only time in recent memory that I can we are being like talk myself into it. Nervous was that conversation. So there is a guy is gonna approach his father in law is hopeful future product lines say that to marry your daughter. We've had six wonderful years together. Problem is. Dead might say mean. It Julie joining us now and she is the potential. Mother in law to fill in all the details page really. So tell us this story why might this when I go well. Well you know what they've been together quite awhile. And about six years. But they're young. And I just. We just don't believe they're compatible and nurturing young that he would love flying. And were afraid you know down the road you know once the wedding bell and a bullet stats they're just not compatible C east just. It's a little more drive it is more relevant and value their little stronger than my daughter's. And 00. Okay. Yeah and it. Hard that they that it that your that the church. You know only four year degree of the great jab in the banking industry. My daughter in tennis college you know she kind of more relaxed form without. A great sophomore year at the negatives sheep are an and I thank making great money very motivations different night thank. And what it sounds like there might be different sometimes opposites attract so. True but it you know my fear is when it comes my age and children and major decision. Sometimes that can hurt you I just I just. I'm concerned I don't think. I don't think they're compatible. And about any heart. I'm sorry guy and. I did very hard to say that and mountain. You know they've been together a long time we know them for years that brought you get. How long have they been dating officially. And the Julie how do you know he is gonna come have that conversation with you all this weekend is he leapt planning to talk to just your husband or to you and your husband. You know I I don't know whether he's getting quote we are not be strapping him. I'm going to be home this weekend is if I'm going to be harder really need her to library he seemed Urumqi east Israel. Excited and giddy. You can discount Italian known him for a long nap like no conversation that haven't. I use absolutely looking for a house. And she had no interest in looking for the town hall it isn't that I'm at all. 404741. And 9400. If you have some guidance. Virtually who's obviously very concerned about her daughter Eva mr. Butler. Is battery concerns. About her daughter's. Yeah. Like how the yen late shouldn't you be happy. I'm not saying that a job in the banking industry is better than being a bartender or whatever not trying to discriminate. By. Shouldn't you be happy that your daughter has. A stable. But that the admitted it would user Jensen of the opposites attract somebody may be real ordering from them again being. Well I just don't saints. He's going to be all that happy I think you know she she call in sick to work the forty. Edition can live their first five days. When I don't think he would allow that. I just surrounds you and they're not gonna bring out the back in each other when it comes to real life situation. I'm surprised to hear you talk about your daughter like this. This is a woman you raise this is there and that you love and you want the best for every kind daughter right. Now well it's very hard to say that my heart breaks I mean I do you know I don't know what happened there and I don't know what happened there. And how they didn't let. I was ahead as your husband feel about that. Herman the same I think he means he's not look at it two rose colored glasses CC. The same thing I do and that's saying it wouldn't work I'm not saying I'd say I'm just saying sorry that I don't think it would be habeas. So I didn't we both try to put our partner you know we. I don't know what what wrong I just found that she's not where we thought she'd be maybe she won't go out and maybe. We can get postponing the delicate you've seen her chance to grow up I don't I'll. I'm just curious if he approaches you this weekend and he thought about the exact words you're going to say. Yeah out back where I think we're really really. Stuck. I I don't know and Tom would you limit for the left for the last night. What are you help there I guess maybe some suggestions that. Outside the box someone could give it its suggestion why not thinking out. Yep for a four week you go out of town he does not be there. It comes over you know we can be and they're not all the lights and hide their 40474. Alignment 9400. We will take your calls next what she she do this struggle. Is her daughter is about to marry there's about to be asked. For her hand in marriage by this guy ands. Mom just doesn't think the tumor compatible.