Emily Gets Advice on Her Overboard Mom Friend

Thursday, April 7th


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Emily is best friend of huge decades. It's his turn into a crazy amount she used to be cool but now she's become the boxing moms and that's best of everything started mommy blogs you through life perfect. And seems yourself an expert on all things mom. Yeah it's is that whenever we write the mommy blog community. They knew the mom expert we get that right channeling. Walt. Could probably use and so defeated. Oral. What is your husband think of all of this. I am and even play. I go to athletic look at the attention felt. We're allowed to Fredricka it's really hard for women to do now is that its owner yen cheaper. Plentiful and all it wasn't like we just. I'm Jennifer your student. I'm really finally because I feel like I'm just trying to get it right every day gap I'm mostly spirit. Hey isn't it is it. My mop my pillar. My pillar that's cool name my pillar from Atlanta what's going on. K and Molly I completely un Belichick go at the Akron you don't have a friend like that. I manage them pay don't pay and won't let Barry Elliott and I think we you know all a lot of mom like act. And out. Is Adam is a mom really need. A pregnancy aid can do you know you know they're 88 I'm you know. Raising his children. And as I mean as an admit it really it you'd think it should be a whole lot because. I thought why you know different topics that. I'm glad I had that anybody is put out there and you know what I do a lot of I blocked blocked it's right not a lot I you have blocked because they make it literally impossible let pat. You know deep conversation. That they pay to you know mom actually question at about what can I. I must now go all my teller what what's single topic. Creates that big a. All my this. Like I you know Brett beating Italian although that they only had edge high alert it's very elevated actual. Did he get medication an almighty that is why I creeping up bank is an issue at Embry and really get others. Art she's what she's saying is every topic starts the fighter's arm. That would have there's. And maybe it's some something to be said about them iMac which is just the crate training. Does that how to get kids like animals I want her other youth if that would fire people up. I think we have days hey David command here when the social media staffer Amelie is you've got common sense of immediate. And there's just so much to learn I think when you first the common parents. That you are trying it once you learn something you feel like you should pass that knowledge on other people but. What mom's like this forget is that everything only different every kid is different it's not a one. One thing fits all for every kid like your kids are just is different is all the adults are trying to show that not until one. One cure all. What are the Internet it's the same producer David so Brittany and Noonan can really sympathize with them Holy See said that she had to stop paying out her best friend because her best friend slammed her on parenting her slammed her parenting skills. On a mommy blog. And did even teller her face nice guys out and just outer Rodham on the mommy blog and then Lauren Kitt is there a name that blog if you're looking for artists passive aggressive mom got Tumblr now valued at that. Learning can says that she had to stop hanging out her best her and after every time they hang out she told her that she would give her baby the wrongs acts. That kicked him it's processed chemicals than it seeming like she doesn't do you that it's crazy. And then our last comment was I think it's my favorite comment. Different apparatus that's our friend became one of those overbearing mom and now she calls her friend a mom's a lie perfect. Moms. I'd Emily your question your specific question that will put up on our FaceBook page is do you need to break up would this friend. Four of twenty years do you need to end this relationship. Because she is such a lunatic so if FaceBook page it's FaceBook dot com slash Jeff and Jan ship. They've got a run back in their put this conversation up there and we'll open up the comments we'll check Ambac it would you tomorrow Monday. All right hang in there Emily yeah and that. Thanks for album by.