Diane's Near Death Experience

Wednesday, April 6th


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Thank you for making this switch today Jeffrey. Fringe and shall always telling us. They're two years ago that Tracy Morgan was in that terrible car accident. One of his friends passed away he had rear ended by eighteen Wheeler was in a coma for very long time business coma for eight days he did this interview with Oprah Winfrey. He told her some pretty remarkable things about being in the coma warned that his dad is deceased dad came to visit him. And Tracy Morgan unconscious remembers seeing his dad and and crying in his dad's saying it's not your time yet is which is. Mine alone yeah chilling chilling enough and then he said his whole life changed after that that he tells people to understand today that I love Regis. Completely changed his life this is Tracy talking about the after effect and that the overabundance of Ireland which I think is an exaggeration because that's like ten times and our next. That's what you've been to the whole other side. Can you. Ever be. Quote normal Null and now not. A Tomo worked at the it sounds. Sums effort. Whereas the people's sums just different. Perform a saucer and I love neutral towards Tom today it's strange is a kid already know you'd love you I love you. That's how we supposed to be its human beings wounds opposes take care each other wrong. Was will we see some term value and are favorable for that up and have been wrong and we fort. Do you think that's where you work heaven when you fight you spoke to your father yet. So we asked. Jeff tangential listeners to share of there're stories. Of their visits the other side at some remarkable point I didn't have a polls for two minutes. And remembers the venturing over there aren't thinking now at that time ago I got to come back that was one amazing serve and I think the one that's gonna stand out. And we're going to be talking about months even years from now. Is Diane from Dallas and I will never forget the story on my got we've ended this story we both had goosebumps. It's. It's valid wouldn't let time tell you the story here but in its. Her in the you're taking a bath and realizing. Are experiencing. Almost going over to the other side in pay attention to the end of it. Because the person who. Warns her about venturing into the other side and the person who actually rescued her from the bathtub. Are connected. In debt the super remarkable part you will be telling your best friend the story later tonight. I wouldn't of a sudden I was you know probably in your the Alex and that I would I would that what it wouldn't do it. While I would I'd. I saw my belt. And up out of the and I look back at my body still in the bathtub. And I had this overwhelming urge to want to my right nor. Why aren't you want to know my hallway in my I would probably well that's that the parent. And while I'm at my bet Eric it's. Beautiful I mean there's no words to express the color that's why that was a real bout were you on that door. So I would they don't like crap that not returned but not about the same time I would turn a knob. One of my current husband which I'd probably or you're prior year. It in front of the door. And edit on crop any economic and I called a leg up on one leg Portland I got a kick the door shut it actually need to look at. And about that and I'm my belt earnings. And the only thing I recall it never cut on Oprah about body was back in I was back in my body. And I remembered cut on the I would get it and my next memory like at the widow technique and becoming got me achieve that some would rocket but and into meat and hot. Urinary tract with them and in my. It's well all. I have vague I'm sorry go. I've heard five share all automated. OK sir Diana was there the woman who called GU. Was that the widow of the man who shut the door. So there is some sort of like. Parallel universe connection between the two of them. Yes he's preventing you from. Literally going into the light and she is calling you to which they view which you. The hospital which is jolting you into enough consciousness that she can tell that your not healthy. Yet and I told market sheet. It was during a little ideally like to get them. Really well we're well at the Hollywood like you're really worried about everything you're. Really gearing. Oh what I kind of got myself together and not like I think panel app and apple replica. And. So we kind of talked about you but other I don't know. What made me college fees. That's in San thank you know I am I yeah stories they if they need to make a movie or your life. It's unreal.