Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 21

Tuesday, April 5th


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The Jeffrey. 4047419. U 400 were connecting this for an interview. Dead comedian Tracy Morgan data we've Oprah Winfrey over the weekends Dan pages sit down interview and said that while he was in a coma after his near fatal. Accident back in June of 2014. That he actually visited his late father Jamie Morgan senior and haven't. You have the greatest story detail because you're one of that I think when the blast went anybody who's been able to. Live and go to the other side and come back. The greatest. When you wanna call warfare agents in days you basically knocking on the door yet you've not heard mambo. I don't know foes in the Cuomo or in and out of the coma just came and armament I was smoking in my diet. He had screen. This green thing won't. It's yards and I'm cinema ready for you son. Really must our client's heart most current car probably ought to Democrat of his funeral because Gypsy dad could use my best friend mark. How she can just hear that emotion in his voice saying his status is best friend's death like. I'm not ready for yet not yet it's not your time yeah. And he also talked about how run that near death experience it changed his life now and living person forever. So this once you've been to the whole other side. Can you ever be. Quote normal though and now. Now there are told what worked at the sums. Sums effort. Whereas the people's sums just different. Perform a saucer and I love it so towards Tom de strings is a kid. Out I know you love you I love you. That's how we supposed to be its human beings wounds opposes take care each other who was will we see some time rebellion are favorable for that up and haven't. Can we afford. Do you think that's where you work seven when your fight you spoke to your father yet. He loves people and because I love to Huntington today amazement has a different person after that experience hey Aaron did you have an experience similar to Tracy Moore against. I did. When I was sixteen years old. A motor cross actuary or expect our school. And calmed. I did go to nick homer effort you know our bleached. And it is crazy experience aren't. We hospital brought to market. When your teen when you're in that Vick did coma. Are you aware of time passing like what is that chunk of time light. I mean how I would subconsciously there but I don't I remember like things. Am like my parents tell me yeah vaguely. But I really just subconsciously they're not not fully aware. Do you feel like after you came out of that experience that you lived your life differently in different had similar. The aren't just. So much more painful for her you know that daily cap so why shouldn't it just being able to breathe in general virgin. And down. It just you never really have been there. Yeah for the rest of your life if you had to say even on the worst day. When you get a bill in the mail for more money than you have in the bank here Carr is Q flat tires and got rear ended by the tow truck come and help you you can still say. I'll have pleasant culminates. Yeah him alive and breathing and alive and well. It's amazing an experience like going back close to the other side. And just being able to have your life back again and and one tell over the lag coming back. I would get out we still have more phone calls when filter through these and take a couple more phone calls because. I felt like I was more into the science of it and you're asking the questions and that I wanted to now witches. Have you like Taj alleged Sheen that when you come back our phone number 404. 7419400. And suffered near death experiences and more specifically. People have kind of put that went toe over the alignment Tracy Morgan. Tracy Morgan in a horrific car accident and was speaking to Oprah about his experience. Being in a coma for several days. And kind of put his toe over that line having a near death experience and how that's changed him since he's gotten healthy this. Once you've been to the whole other side. Can you ever be. Quote normal though it. Well. I told my worked at the songs. Sums effort to where I am of people sums to Stanford. Perform a source that I love and so towards Tom today to strings is a kid. Already know you love you I love you. That's how we supposed to be its human beings wounds opposes take care of each other. Was will we see some Tom Downey and are favorable for that up and haven't. And we'll fort. Do you think that's where you work. Heaven when your fight you spoke to your father you have changed his life of everybody loves them but a great perspective. Hey Miriam incoming welcome to the definition channel. Riding. Me you ban on the same trip Tracy Morgan's been on. ES RI let's hear about it OK so I think only eight or nine and I had to god that war on like change. They spotted a rabbit or squirrel and then they get all of it right. I felt while my back as early. You know for my feet in the air it's. And my momma they're issue that's holding me and she said that pilots are turning blue my idol rolling your knocked my head home. The thing that iron hammer is. I would literally fifty feet in the air like I can't see myself I can see my mom just. Q melt around she was just horrified and English basically and the only thought that really stuck my head I still remember that day it back. I told myself I can't I can't leave her keen blank. She Italy it's just not right in need to leave hurdle in that condition you know Blake. I don't know that the only thing I remember it like my I force myself still accept myself back into my body. And like I literally did that gash of like lights and but it's funny me and I woke up. They are became conscious and I let I would angry. I think it bigger high this dirt and why you call 91 line and she's like nervously looking. The ground issue Blake might issued ten years older than me and Cilic I just didn't think it would Warner. They'll decrease Syria and Manama place. Oh is the only art. There's only reason that you knew she didn't call 911 as because you're floating above the scene. We're so. Guidance and input as Schilling that she didn't like the precautions were taken nothing going on no we're doing anything in their dislike it appear to get I don't know. Just paralyzed by their fear and your mom's anguish and it was it's amazing that her emotions what brought you back right into it hey Diane in Dallas. I think you had a near death experience. It did it and cruel about it a little bit about our stories are convinced Bert answer thank you. And I want them about sudden I would you know probably ten years ago now I was. And that's how I wouldn't Ellen okay but what it wouldn't do we get about that. While I would have. I all of my belt. They end up out of the and I looked back at my body still in the bathtub yeah. And I had this overwhelming urge to want to my friend nor. So I gonna walk you know my call late in the mindset that would probably twelve that's that the current. And while I would at the top of my dad Eric it. Beautiful I mean there's no words to express but how we're at it why that would derail belt police side of the door. So I won't be able to grab that not turned up at about the same time I went to turn the knob. One of my current husband which I'd probably Fortier prior. In front of the door. And had a aren't crop in the noneconomic I pulled a leg up well he had won like Portland I got a grant any kicked the door shut again. And he did look at people and about that seeing how my belt earnings. And the only thing I recall or remember cut on the elbow to my body was back in well I would back in my body. I remember cut on the I would get it in my next memory like hit the widow. Taipei to come in gotten in Karachi that some would rocket that aren't into me to the hospital and I had a urinary tract with an elegant and let it. So law. Now I am very I historically how. I've heard five ship owners. OK sir Diane I was there the woman who called GU. Was that to me widow of the man who shut the door. So there was some sort of like parallel universe connection between the two of them. Yes he's preventing you from. Who literally going into the light. And she is calling you to which they view which into the hospital which is jolting you into enough consciousness that she can tell that you are not healthy. And I told circuit sheet. It was during a little Dottie would like to hit them early forties. Well at the Hollywood like you're really pretty cute like everything your ball would look really good. What I kind of got myself together and and I haven't. Think you know what happened that apple replica putter has banned. So we kind of talked about at Q but other I don't know. What made me college. That since campaign keep I am my hair stories they need to make a movie or your life. That's unreal and attack in Iowa. They take a minute to shake that off. Since Jesse Jenny shelf so naive or blind.