Someone Stole Jenn's Sparkle

Thursday, March 8th

Is it petty to care this much about a lightbulb?


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Okay Terna Nande. Justin gen shelf full well this is one of those situations where we're just gonna legend topped out. You need a mama she needs a moment to attack and she's aware that this is weird. I I I'm aware that I am oddly annoyed at this thing that happened okay so we got a bathroom here at the stunning 41 headquarters. Hey yeah we are I mean we don't wanna come browse luge hear anything but we got ourselves an indoor rhetorical. Holy ditto. And NF ledges there's like hey if your stuff is stands no problem if it's not triple flat but we we got ourselves determine. So there it is the one closest Susie is it's over we ran man and you know use it washing hands Czech premier brand back out again. And so. Think there's like a fluorescent light above but that's pretty damn and then there's two lights there right by the sink you guys know which ones I'm talking about you because those light bulbs were out. For months like three formats and so it was his dimmed NG dark bathroom we kept asking for a light bulbs with a number something about like. They had the energy savers or some anyway there are some difficulty in getting it done from the building the other day I just said forget about it I'm just. And replace him myself so we've bought I bought out of my own money lightbulbs Favre asked him implement. Hey that's not the part that annoys me the part that annoys me is that somebody stole one. It's gone. Says somebody stole one of its you write offs yep. How do you dark for four finally fix it and wanna light bulbs is how do you know was still. Well because where else would it have gone it's not broke and it's not it's on it twisted. From bill lite picture and gone not in the trash on the floor nobody egged it the next only fall and break. Who steals one late Paul thank you very much and so oddly annoyed by this and I'm wondering do I go get reimbursed. To really ask. I'm just eager to move as. Give me numbers I think it's an expansion were for four dollars for two involved OK where's he at LA called stolen it's just unprintable. It's a sign felled episode Janice fine at a light bulb. Haven't already bought the first two that I don't feel like fashion or not they were four dollars. I gotta go back and look as I went ahead and got those like. Is he thinks. Color edition and they're supposed to last for ever you know the ones that like. You know you want me you don't survive roaches we want we unit type of L life. Lightbulbs do you want me give you three dollars. Noelle I I don't think you should have to do it because then you should be reimbursed by the person who stole label. How do you I stole it. What else what they've done it but why and it's why sales to be missing I mean truthfully it it's a good libeled. I partake in maybe it will hit and needed one MI Cowell sued take arms my ball out of the office wanna. Skin cell. We're everywhere on the plane they're better than any cameraman Danny hello around. As item one that is saying you know I have this thing out and I in my living room and the man and that is going anon on eyeballs doesn't was hitting it 89 dollars might fold should the company have to. Reimburse us for the light all because we put him there I've been there and then that one of them stolen. So you wouldn't wanna be reimbursed and it didn't get stolen. Needy. No because that would be using them. And now you wanna turn in a receipt for an item that doesn't exist. Yet it's kind of don't you think they should know. I'm so mad about us. Until we can actually go back and look at the camera pledged. And see anybody leaving the bathroom with said the well there's there's no camera rate that is remember when I trying to turn in the hall yeah I each had a look out there's a camera Tara. I'm Dave just hang up he's like just suck it up and over and I don't involve. But I already bucket to light all that's the ball. So this. I've thrown I don't know what people are saying that phones are ringing Janine and answering them so. Either people are going to be very annoyed they're gonna trash at a humble about it or they have suggestions on how you can look for Trace DNA annually ball. That chair and wanna find out who is labeled theme from. And she I'll still are. Cliche in alpha red day is kind team Jang. I agree it and you only had no worry. Me in order. I'd RO IQ. And airport and they are all meant. How many regular bank and it's been good one student jelled and are the bad. There weren't I'd like you are right our bike here. Yeah is well. We are failure we guard our hands around there but I'm just saying you leave your ten unguarded on steel and every little left no I Chara and the office. Gains Beltre what's out. H today. It's not prepared for a way that it's over this I think I somebody. Like the late Bob is hot right. But this was I thought no more I think about it as well as I thought out plan. Yeah fat. And bike if you're gonna grab a mop why just one. Easily won their torturing me if you and left behind. Because maybe only have one lamp that needs to be maybe it's fear of and. No life left behind maybe just need to check it was magna. Just so mad about it eyes on HR stick. I'm gonna made some margin right America I'm gonna be lag Betsy why your lap time he though life all areas lying thief. If you're if somebody if I yeah how long did I make about the dark in there. Clearly and finally finally we have lights and then not somebody thinks that the hair lights Malloy ambush and then I love. Staff. In a wind are welcome to the show. I tapes now I think your being a big deal out of it I don't saying that that person stole from his as these are the company's. So will analyze so upset about it. Does that who takes a lightbulb. From work. You know some and you really need to and didn't have time to go to the and still have to Wear him like a baby potatoes people around the time. It is I can't. Have time either and that backhand sat empty without lights for the longest time it took it upon myself to just a little sun and you're Virginia. Mean maybe you should have gone played at 7-Eleven instead told her in her life all that you took place to yourself I mean like he. They didn't steal from me at the end of the day like they just cut a lightbulb that even take all of them first look at solid you're left in the direct she basically I. Okay now hold on Stafford his James very fired up about delay evolves I think we who lost raid over the fact that you think. It would be NF Spence if somebody took Ole ball from James palace but because they thought they were stealing from the company it's okay. Yeah very much anticipated because I mean maybe the owner of the company can be upset I don't care. So it's not her leg followed by her money. I thought it was funny. She makes a point the people do steal from work they said toilet paper. Did you ever do that no. Back in his college days no deal from their radios and. I'll vote yes I would say I would take stuff from work but like tanks and stout run digging toilet and I think I actually ahead. Does realize girlfriend I mean I live on behalf you gut especially that. Picture you. I mean a pin that accident are sure you get it turned up. We're off and wait for this great job away for the Labonte to cool down and on paper is a real necessity. But Leah and Lawrence bell welcome to dish out. Yeah. He and Matt you're seeing this you're being the low light pole there. People are worker caught it lets you all the I am how last dot we're collapse yeah. You know it's not learns why it makes me feel better than a Leo works with a bunch criminals do. You get extra value meal for that great now does that tell you have not many today. Renee oh glide. Yeah I'm thinking that maybe there was another bathroom down the hall I had to the issue that I have been without ballclub for a month. Stuart Scott bulk liquid cool I'll take you line and we can have life in both actor got beat they've reported. Ali and inspect all the bathrooms are right rename I didn't do that I need to go. Around this our march myself around find my light bulb what about where I put it why. Sir I do not think that the OK to kill bolt is the local paper to begin. I didn't. Can student ears stick to the Bernanke it's that ceiling it's resourceful. Is there. Yeah it did you quiet little feedback we've your money no but are weren't gears than. So you as you get free. Can't wait to AJP can you tell me real one of those copier slash printers slashed by a good thing that. 151000. Dollar plus staying. Mike Miller and sugar bell. Bad garlic you guys know you're absolutely Courtney beat her thinking that it's okay to steal from a company. Do you think come from somewhere or did that light ball. And I can see by you know our arms and are sitting down you like something I would dearly hope nothing comes up big in the near future. Kelly geez I'm stealing ideas take you know. You want. That's you know Greta I'll that I know of and all we don't wanna match I hope I'm. Jesse James gal. I typical price. Should if she's taking a late fall the home half there read. Her notes for this show that hey yeah. Have our athletic they are so annoying moment of I did it would be for good reason to sit in your bag you'll let down. Enter your staff final mile eyeball to an area that talks. And she I'll still are far.